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All about Safety Glass

Modern architecture concepts make use of safety glass with regularlity nowadays. Safeguarding against injury and offering protection against vandalism, safety glass panel solutions are making sweeping changes in the construction industry.

Several sheets of glass are used to make laminated safety glass, separated by plastic films known as polyvinyl butyral (PVB). When the glass breaks, the pieces stay clung to the film. This situation blocks panes from shattering like conventional glass, keeping the people in the vicinity secure from flying fragments. The composition of the safety glass decides the level of protection. Top quality glasses are even capable of withstanding explosions and gunfire.

Heat treatment is employed to make toughened glass that provides optimal strength. These products are several times stronger than standard glass when it comes to resisting thermal or physical shock.

High quality safety glass has excellent fire-resistance properties. Plastic layers are incorporated in between the glass sheets to separate them. When these layers get exposed to heat, they swell up to deliver maximum protection against fire for an extended period of time ranging between 30 and 120 minutes.  

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of safety glass is to offer optimal protection from vandalism, break-ins, falls and injuries. It may look pretty similar to traditional glass, but the sturdiness and power are several times higher compared to ordinary glass.

Laminated safety glass solutions are available with different thicknesses and configurations. They are subjected to various forms of impact and tests, and quality checks are also done to ensure maximum safety for the building inhabitants. 

Creating a protective and comfortable interior environment, safety glass panels offer excellent security and safety for employees in large commercial buildings. It safeguards inhabitants against outside noise and also protects them against UV radiation.

Toughened glass is the most preferred choice in large-scale construction projects. It is highly critical to select glass that is going to be safe and durable for all occupants in large buildings. The best manufacturers do not compromise on the decorative elements while making laminated safety glass for their customers. A unique blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, durability and safety can be associated with innovative safety glass solutions.

The manufacturing of PVB laminated safety glass involves the process of combining two or more heat-treated or annealed glass sheets fastened with one or more PVB interlayers. For ensuring proper adhesion, these layers are subjected to pressure and heat.

Suitably-designed laminated safety glass panels offers exceptional durability. The operational efficiency of this product is also a benefit. It offers the ideal solution to several architectural design constraints and issues. The possibilities are immense and the benefits are countless. The design versatility and installation ease make safety glass more desirable to many designers and architects.

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