Glamir™ Collection & Architectural Mirrors

by Bendheim
  • Virtually unlimited color options
  • Durable glass surfaces are resilient to wear & tear
  • Add a sense of depth & movement
  • Brighten interiors & create a sense of openness



Product Name
Glamir™ Collection & Architectural Mirrors

Product Type

Architectural glass
Decorative glass and Safety glass
Glazed partitions
Wall covering
Decorative wall cladding

Product Specs

Glass types
Safety glass

Bendheim introduces its Glamir™ architectural glass collection, providing design professionals several original mirror colors to brilliantly enhance the look and feel of interior spaces. These rare mirrors create a sense of openness, seemingly expanding spaces as they improve the quality and quantity of interior light.


Bendheim’s new Glamir collection is produced with specialty low-iron glass, eliminating the typical bluish-green glass tint and allowing the pure, jewel-like colors to show through. The collection begins with the two most difficult hues to achieve: Champagne and Pale Gold. The two mirrors, delicate and warm, lend an atmosphere of timeless elegance and a new energy to almost any space, from a private residence to a fitness center. The collection also offers mirrors in vivid Gold and Amber colors. Creating luminous design elements — from impressive feature walls to decorative accents — they exude warmth and sophistication, finding applications in a variety of hospitality, retail, commercial and residential settings.


Bendheim’s architectural mirrors — both the Glamir collection and standard mirrors — are available in an endless variety of custom colors and surface textures.

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