Solar heating (50)

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All About Solar heating


Solar heating is a renewable energy system which collects thermal energy from sun in the form of heat. This heat in turn is used to provide space heating and water heating that is used in residential, commercial or industrial facilities applications. Solar heating is usually active or passive. Active heating needs an active element that will move the heat from the collector and absorber to the thermal mass or even directly into the home. Passive solar heating uses free heating directly from the sun. Thus, both active and passive mechanisms of heating together constitute a solar thermal system.


In additional to the environmental benefits, solar heating is a good way to save money as the ‘free charge’ of energy contributes enormous energy to a variety of applications. Solar water heating can be used in showers, kitchen and bathroom, swimming pools and other appliances that require warm water. Solar space heating traps the solar energy in a radiant heat system and allows the heat to naturally warm indoor spaces. A solar thermal system is a cost effective method that reduces consumption of fossil fuels. Also, it helps companies reduce and manage their energy bills, managing long-term costs. Thus, solar heating is the best method to reduces the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases.


The solar energy market is diverse and ranges widely in various fields of application such as solar water heating, building heating, solar cooling, industrial process heat, thermal power systems and solar ponds. It replaces the need for natural gas, fuel, oil, and electricity to heat homes and businesses and thus serves as a clean fuel source from renewable energy.


A solar heating system requires regular inspections and routine maintenance to ensure efficient functioning. Also, many times a system may need repair or replacement depending on the quality and durability of its components. Ensuring that all the fittings are tight and there are no cracks, leaks or damage on any part, further complications could be kept at bay. Any repairs that need to be done require immediate attention. A qualified technician is required to perform the maintenance tasks. Regular maintenance from experienced contractors is the best way to maintain the longevity of the system as it boosts the performance cutting maintenance cost in the long run.


The usage of solar thermal applications in various sectors is increasing at a rapid rate. Solar heating is used in large office buildings that have a high energy demand for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting etc. Solar heating causes less adverse environmental impacts, provides high quality space, improves building aesthetics and thus offers a new medium for architectural expression.


Solar heating is a reliable, sustainable, low cost technology which is evolving as a growing part of the housing industry. It can reduce the heating and cooling load by 50% and the systems can reach at the modest additional cost. Though the initial cost can be a bit higher than other systems, the fuel is from a renewable source of energy, which is Sun. Solar collectors used in various industrial and commercial processes provide huge energy savings, thus creating significant savings on utility bills.