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Street Lamps (40)

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All About Street lamps

Street lamps are essential for public safety. Surveys have shown that nearly 40% of the risk caused to car drivers occurs within the time between 6pm to 8am. Installing road lamps or street lamps reduces the risk of accidents by providing better visibility.

Street lamps are also highly important in ensuring the security of people in urban areas. It is of the uttermost importance to select the best lighting street lamps to avoid the consequences of darkness. Besides being an object for illumination, street lamps can even be considered as signpost or landmark. Street lamps also serve as highly effect way-finders

There are various types of street lamps available in the market. The classification of street light depends upon height, light source, power supply, shape, material used, light projection and many more aspects. There are lot many options to explore such as pole light, halogen light, fluorescent light, etc. 

Lights are capital investments for introducing any project in a city or town. It is important to have proper maintenance strategy in order to reduce risk in the dark.

To enjoy an increased lifespan, outdoor luminaries are sealed with waterproof and dustproof glass panels.

As discussed earlier, a street light’s major function is to remove darkness with the use of an artificial mode of lighting. The result is the improved safety of people driving or walking on pavement. To ensure safety within a city or town, it is uttermost importance to specify high quality street lamps and to frequently check the proper functioning of street lights in an area.

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