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Textiles are materials that are made using fibers or several thin threads. These can be natural, manufactured or a combination of both. These fibers are converted into yarns which are further used for making any fabric by making use of different process like knitting, weaving, felting, spinning etc. Textiles serve as the primary raw material for the making of different garments and these are the main component of the ready-made garments. Many of the daily need products of a person like a bed sheet, towel, doormat, and table cover all are made by making use of textiles. Textiles have applications in clothing, wall hangings, decorations etc.

Textiles are widely used in the manufacturing of different home and commercial furnishings. These are an essential part of different types of clothing, shoes, hats, carpets, towel, curtains etc. These are used in the industrial process like filtering as well. Textiles are used for making different attractive decoration items which represent different cultures. These are used for manufacturing of several products and therefore textiles are available in variety of types. According to the use, the right type of textile has to be selected.

Textiles are primarily available in two types - natural textile and synthetic fiber textile. With natural textiles different options available are those made of up of plants, animal, and minerals. Cotton, denim, silk, velvet, wool, linen are some popular types of natural textiles. Synthetic textiles are man-made textiles. Options available with synthetic textiles are polyamide, nylon, rayon, acrylic, polar fleece etc. Each of these types can be specifically used for the manufacturing of different products and some can be used for manufacturing many products. Textiles are available in different types on the basis of thread count. For high-quality textiles, the one with higher thread count is ideal.

Depending upon the type of textile, the amount of maintenance required will vary. A specific type of textile has its own specification to be followed for cleaning and maintaining. Man-made textiles generally demand hand-washing, and exposing it to heat may damage it. It is advisable to iron man-made textiles at a very low temperature. Natural textiles like cotton may shrinks with the wash. Depending upon the color and instructions given by the seller these can be washed in hot, warm and cold water. Linen products must be dry cleaned and these are ironed from the inside out. Polyester requires easy maintenance and most of these can be washed in the washing machine. It is advisable to check for instruction before washing it.

Company Spotlight : Casalis BVBA

One looking for high-quality textiles will find Casalis BVBA a very reliable manufacturer. Casalis is among the leading manufacturers for high-quality contemporary interior textiles. This renowned manufacturer deals in designing and manufacturing of textiles, handcrafted carpets, acoustic panels and more. The products manufactured by Casalis are available in more than 32 countries. Casalis explores the many different possibilities available with textiles and never is restricted to a boundary. The main goal of Casalis is to transform innovative ideas into useful products without actually comprising with the material.

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