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All About Upholstery Leather


Upholstery leather is a leather made from the hides of different animals. Commonly, cattle hides which are tanned in huge drums containing chromium salts are used. Through the tanning process, the animal hide is converted into leather. The tanned leather is then colored with dye. The multi-step process is softening, beautifying and protecting the end product, being upholstery leather. Different kinds of leather can be yielded for upholstering furniture, automobiles, or airplanes. The leather obtained varies in color, marks etc. which makes it unique. Having extreme strength and durability, upholstery leather remains beautiful for long time. Undergoing the process of tanning, dyeing and finishing techniques, upholstery leather showcases the natural beauty of the leather.


Upholstery leather made from soft cowhides is best for chaps, garments, handbags, furniture and other fine leather articles. This type of leather is much softer and more durable than other types of leather. Furthermore, upholstery leather is easy to clean as it resists stains and scratches. The leather retains its shape without sagging and never gets cracks or peels. Consumers prefer it because of its easy maintenance. Thus, it serves as a good option for designer aesthetics, as it does not tear and is resistant to heat and sun damage.


There are various options of upholstery leather present in the market. Ranging from heavy, traditional styles and to modern looks in designer colors. Commonly available basic types of leather are pure aniline, semi-aniline, and protected aniline leather. These types of leathers are usually found on furniture such as traditional chesterfields, wing chairs and double bustle pub sofas.


Leather is a durable material but in due course of time it shows the signs of wear and tear. However, it can easily be reconditioned to almost new without spending much. Regular maintenance of upholstery leather is quite simple. When it comes to repairing and caring, there are various options. With proper maintenance, upholstery leather will remain beautiful for many years and will not need any replacement. Always make sure to use products designed for upholstery. Wipe the leather with a damp, soft, dye-free cloth to remove any dust or other particles. Apply a leather cleaner to remove excessive grime and finally, clean with a dry, soft cloth.


Moreover, with advancement in tanning technology and style innovations, Upholstery leather has become the choice of many people. This type of leather comes in a wide variety of designer colors and is usually used to cover contemporary pieces. Thus, it serves as a good option for those looking for high-end, designer aesthetics.


Company Spotlight: Antic-Cuir


The well-known premium brand Antic-Cuir is popular for providing the 100% genuine leather. The company located in Curtidos Gracia has more than 40 years of experience and has a good reputation worldwide. It deals in wide range of high quality leather products for all kind of sectors: residential, contract, bus/coach, automotive, boat, aviation, train, outdoor furniture, leather goods. This company is known for using sustainable materials, which are highly suitable for classical and contemporary furniture. Elegant designs, rich looking leather and finest craftsmanship, all these traits are signature marks of products designed exclusively from the house of Antic-Cuir. Dive deeper inside their work at: https://archello.com/brand/antic-cuir


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