122 Strand Street

122 Strand Street

Michael W. Folonis Architects
Santa Monica, CA, USA

122 Strand Street

Michael W. Folonis Architects as Architects

The building was conceived as a 3-unit housing project under one continuous roof.  The challenge was to develop a unifying design, which has visual continuity and at the same time having the ability to differentiate the 3-units from each other. 

The unifying component is the roof system, as well as the metal skin that wraps the entire second floor of the building.  Unit articulation occurs at the first floor level, which is expressed in a material change (and unit entries). 

Contextually, the building design is a response to scale and massing of the neighborhood.  By contrast, the 3-unit building is of a modest scale in comparison to multifamily residential buildings, which surround us to the East, North, South, and the corner of Strand and Ocean Avenue.

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