69 house (semi-detached)

69 house (semi-detached)

RS+ Robert Skitek
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Private Houses
Tomasz Zakrzewski / archifolio.pl

69 house (semi-detached)

RS+ Robert Skitek as Architects

The assumption of project was to design a semi-detached house (with possibly similar layout) avoiding the axial symmetry characteristic of this type of buildings. Future residents are siblings with their families. How to create two identical houses and combine to keep different look of both? Rotate one of them ! That simple solution has affected the entire spatial composition. Designing one elevation we had opposite at once, without impression of symmetry. Of course, the perfect layout has been changed due to garage entrances from the same side and matching appropriate functions of building to world directions. However, it turned out to be a good solution, building does not reveal its mystery so easily…

design: 2006-2007 interior design: 2009-2010 realization: 2008-2017 area: 514m2 investor: private

author: RS+ arch. Robert Skitek cooperation: arch. Robert Wilczok, stud.WAPŚl Michał Lisiński cooperation in interior design: arch. Barbara Kotas, arch. Dawid Marszolik structure design: eng. Marek Rewers

photo: Tomasz Zakrzewski /archifolio.pl

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