A Brockley Side

A Brockley Side

London, United Kingdom
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Jim Stephenson

A Brockley Side

CAN as Architects

A rear side extension opens the back of this Victorian terrace house to it’s garden. A new glazed roof brings light deep into the plan. The floor throughout the rear of the house was lowered to provide additional head height and a consistent level with the new patio. The large pivot door allows unobstructed views of the garden, visually extending the space.

The exterior is imagined as three volumes each defined by a different material. The painted brick of the first floor sits on top of a striped timber cube with the smallest volume realised in ribbed render. The party wall is defined with white mosaic tiles and an oversized galvanised downpipe.

The tiles continue inside, defining a structural column and the plant shelf which extends from front to back. The interior uses a paired back material palette; whitewashed douglas fir joinery sits on top of a seamless resin floor with an enamel splatterware worktop and full wall pink curtain bringing interest to the space. The use of Douglas fir continues for the structural fins and window reveals in the side extension.

The large open plan space has become the new heart of the home for the clients and their young family.

What was the brief?

To reconnect the house to its garden and create a large family space with new kitchen/diner. Bring light into the back of the north facing rear of the house.

What were the key challenges?

One of the key challenges was to create a modern space without detracting from the character of the existing house. The project succeeds in doing this and bringing more light into the deep plan. A punchy exterior encloses a calmer interior.

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