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The book "A NEW PARADIGM IN ARCHITECTURE" describes the conceptual basis for a new paradigm in architecture, and a design process capable of achieving a seamless architecture in nature.

In the first part of the book a comprehensive strategy to achieve an architecture perfectly integrated into the natural ecosystem is set out in detail. This strategy enables the design of any building, and at the same time can be used as an evaluation system of its environmental performance. To this end, a set of indicators and sustainable architectural strategies are established, necessary to achieve an integrated architecture in nature, at the lowest price possible. Finally, the 39 sustainability indicators have been thoroughly analyzed, in order to provide a detailed overview of the foundations of a new paradigm in architecture, and thus facilitate the adoption of new design strategies.

In the second part of the book a new design methodology that allows for a new architecture built into the natural ecosystem is proposed. This methodology also allows for the creation of creative cognitive networks, and can even use different search engines of the global network in order to enrich the architectural design process, reduce arbitrary component of any design, and stimulate creativity. The overall project methodology includes an innovative bioclimatic design methodology, in order to achieve an advanced architecture capable of thermally self regulate, just by design, without technological devices.

In the third part of the book 58 innovative projects carried out by Luis De Garrido are deeply analyzed, using the described design methodology, and which represent different manifestations of the same architectural paradigm.

The study of each project includes a general statement of its objectives, a sustainable analysis, the study of bioclimatic strategies used and the most outstanding innovations. However, the most important and relevant aspect of the book is comprehensive bioclimatic analysis of each project.

This analysis shows that it is possible to control climatic conditions inside buildings, simply by purely architectural decisions, without technological devices. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important contributions of Luis de Garrido to contemporary architecture.

In short, the book shows how to achieve an advanced new architecture built on a new artificial ecosystem, in turn integrated into the natural ecosystem. A high level bioclimatic architecture, with almost zero energy consumption, without creating any emissions, with an infinite life cycle, energy and water self-sufficient and even, in specific cases, food self-sufficient.

The book includes a prologue written by some of the most prestigious architects and experts in sustainable and bioclimatic architecture, such as Ken Yeang, Mario Cucinella, Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV), J onathan Hines, Suzanne Holt, Antonio Lamela, Emilio Ambasz, David Kirkland, Paloma Sobrini, Alfonso Palafox and Francesca Sorricarro and the former Minister of Environment of Spain, Cristina Narbona. Professionals who undoubtedly legitimize and guarantee the high quality and utility of the book.

The book has a strong educational and training nature, but at the same time it is a professional and effective tool for all architects and builders, who wish to deal with the sustainable design of any building type.

Without a doubt, "A NEW ARCHITECTURAL PARADIGM" is a book that will inspire future generations to understand the complexity of architectural design process, and accept the challenge of making a truly integrated architecture in nature.

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Pogodinskaya Ulitsa, 2, Moscow, Russia - Build completed in 2021
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