Abo Residence

Abo Residence

Kidosaki Architects Studio
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
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Abo Residence

Kidosaki Architects Studio as Architects

The property was on a low hill, and the client wanted the brand new residence in the familiar environment. The east side was a steep slope with the open front, and his top priority was the “dwelling space with the living room with the extensive view where he can spend the extraordinary life.” The client was well aware of my design style to details, and was convinced that “the dwelling space of my wish and your style resonate each other.” 

When I visited the property, I climbed on the surrounding walls and checked how I could secure the view, the theme of this residence, from various aspects. It faced Mt. Ontake in the distance, and I determined to have the floors as high as possible in order to secure the undisturbed view.  

Therefore, I decided to have the 1st floor at 2-meter higher than the road, on which rooms family members do not frequent, e.g. a tatami room, were assigned. The main living space was assigned to the 2nd floor, which is 5-meter higher than the road in front, to create the living environment with no neighborhood houses in the view. 

The main entranceway is deliberately blocked from the view so that the spectacular panorama of over 180 degree range can welcome visitors upon opening the entrance door on the 2nd floor.    

The dwelling space supported by 3-meter cantilevers from three wall pillars floats in the air, and offers the unique sight framed by the 2-meter deep canopy and terrace. 

Inside is structured rather simply. Open the sliding partitions of the master bedroom and the kid’s room on both sides of the living room, and the huge space of 20-meter width appears. Its size overwhelms the norm of average residential houses, and the large opening with the transparent corners shows Mt. Ontake and the townscape at the foot from afar in the picture frame. The scenery is stunningly picturesque and should add unprecedented touch to the life of my client.  

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