Chin hyosook

Black box house

UTAA as Architects

BLACK BOX is in Pangyo. Pangyo started out as a plan to create an eco - friendly urban environment in order to establish a city space structure that can secure regional development and city - centered space. And the residential environment of the single-family residential area in that area was established.


The road faces the earth directly, and there is a building designated line on the border of the road and the earth. In addition, according to the district plan that the fence can not be installed, many houses in the area are suffering from privacy because the windows are visible through the windows.


The client, also, was worried about privacy problems so much that he wanted to have no windows to see inside from the side of the road. However, we needed a window to solve the problem of daylighting and ventilation, so we proposed a long window in the middle of the building. The horizontally thin, long windows are unobstructed and can be seen from the outside, making the entire building divided into two mass.


The 2x6 timber studs reveal a light and sincere resemblance to the structure. Following the studs along the window, you enter the house and it is the first place you meet. BLACK BOX has a north-facing front and surrounded by other houses, giving it an independent courtyard, which is architecturally a vertical channel for daylighting and ventilation, and a horizontal, It is a nice courtyard in the heart of the city.


The kitchens, restaurants and guest rooms that surround the middle courtyard are always open to the guests as well as the family of the owner. On the other hand, this floor is a place for families only. The staircase that connects the two boxes is the keystone of this house. We interpreted this space as a room, a staircase that goes up and down the floor, a book-reading chair, an AV room to watch movies with family, and at the same time a playroom where children can play . Two boxes of different character are coordinated through the stairs.


The black box is a lightweight wooden structure. At the planning stage, we designed a neat brick house, but with the greed of the architect, it was impossible to choose an irrational exterior material for the lightweight structure. I chose the warrior stone tile which is reasonable in the structure and expressed the tile more honestly. Tiles finished with horizontal joints without vertical lines were able to complete a solid yet light feeling unlike the bricks.


It was different from the brick method in the appearance of the tile which was closed only by the horizontal joint without the vertical line eye, but it was able to complete the hard and cheerful feeling. And I hope that it will resemble its appearance and give a solid and cheerful atmosphere to the family of this house.

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