Akas Villa
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Pendant lampLouis Poulsen
Dining table setCarl Hansen & Søn
Outdoor substitutional timber plankCasa Rocca
Texture paint (exterior wall)SKK Kaken

Product Spec Sheet
Pendant lamp
Dining table set
Outdoor substitutional timber plank
by Kohler
Texture paint (exterior wall)

Akas Villa

Black Pencils Studio as Architects

AKAS Villa is a vacation residence in Musi District, Nakornratchasrima. The project is inspired from the natural scenery of the project, looking toward Khao Yai National Park, the panoramic view changes seasonally throughout the year; breezy clear blue sky in the Winter, yellowy brown plantation in the Summer, and dramatic mist covering the mountain in the Monsoon. The project proposes a connection with the nature by view framing technique of architectural elements to borrow the natural scenery into the interior space, overwhelming the human scale by the natural scenery scale.


Glimpses of natural sceneries are set from the entrance, sequencing to the main living area. By applying sequence of voids and openings to create layers and a sequence of space. Walking from the entrance door of the carpark, trellis are set to let the light and ventilation into the approaching route. Overhead opening gives the sign and connectivity to the level above. The house entering door is located underneath the cantilever shade, before walking up the floating staircase to the main living area with the stunning view on the second level of the residence.


Architectural appearance of the house is a serie of view framing extrusions, stacking up and looking toward the mountain scenery. Main living area is elevated to the second level to gain the seamlessly connection between interior space and the natural surrounding, with the full opening of the sliding window, extended to the large balcony for the family members to spend time living outdoor during the vacation period. On the first level, bedrooms are allocated underneath the living level, benefiting the private garden and staying close to the nature.


Reiterating the seamless continuity of inside and outside by using simple architectural elements, the shape of the building is very simple and sleek from the outside. There are only two boxes stacking on top of each other, the building stays humble and focusing to the natural scenery. The spatial organisation leads to the fully opened window at the end of the interior space, through the series of opening. Tapered wall edge element add sharpness to the viewing scene, picture frames of the Natural Park is reduced to the minimised level, maximising the connectivity to the focal view.


AKAS Villa creates co-existence of architecture and mesmerising natural surrounding though sequence of spatial organisation, series of opening, and bringing nature closest to the architecure. The existence of tangible living elements is able to be disappeared when living closest to the nature, for human to enjoy the scenic view of the natural surrounding with the comfort of living quality from the best refinement of architectural design.


Material Used :
1. Texture paint (exterior wall): SKK Kaken
2. Outdoor substitutional timber plank: CASA WOOD, Casa Rocca
3. Sanitaryware: Kohler
4. Dining table set: Carl Hansen and son
5. Pendant lamp: Louis Poulsen

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Shantou, Guangdong, China - Build completed in 2019
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