Amager Bakke / Copenhill

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group as Architects

The waste-to-energy plant, Amager Bakke / Copenhill, is located in an industrial area, that throughout the years, has turned into an extreme sport destination for thrill seekers. Different extreme sports activities take place in the raw industrial facilities such as cable wake boarding, go-kart racing, and rock climbing among others. Amager Bakke / Copenhill is the most significant landmark in the area and the building is in need of renewal. We propose a new breed of waste-to-energy plant, one that is economically, environmentally, and socially profitable. Instead of considering Amager Bakke / Copenhill as an isolated object, we mobilize the architecture and intensify the relationship between the building and the city—expanding the existing activities in the area by turning the roof of the new Amager Bakke into a ski slope for the citizens of Copenhagen.

The new plant establishes Amager Resource Center as an innovator on an urban scale, redefining the relationship between the waste plant and the city. It will be both iconic and integrated, a destination in itself, and a reflection on the progressive vision of the company.

Optimization of the aluminum structure

Dr. Lüchinger+MeyerBauingenieure AG as Facade Engineers

Due to the large façade area, the optimization of the aluminum structure was crucial. It was achieved mainly by using finite element analysis in combination with real tests carried out in Horw at the HSLU. Another important task was the thermal optimization of the building envelope. The façade system was being designed according to its specific demands, all in collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers.


The entire information exchange process between architects and the other specialised planners was based on a 3D model. The design in a 3D workspace offered a great opportunity to detect conflicts in an early project stage.

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