Apartment in Lviv

Apartment in Lviv

Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine | View Map
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Ross & Helen

Apartment in Lviv

O.M.Shumelda as Architects

Interior is designed for a young couple, so we needed to make a comfortable living with stylish design and maximized area.

Mezzanine allowed to solve the problem of the small area and usage of white color and glass partitions takes the visual part. The first floor acts as an active zone here: in a single open space, there is a hall, a living room, a kitchen and even a bathroom, which the authors placed behind a glass partition to avoid the walls of the premises.

Bedroom and a wardrobe, that is combined with the library were located on the second "floor". Such "semi-story" placement of these zones allowed to significantly increase the area of the apartment, and the rooms themselves found the atmosphere of comfort and chamber.

It was important for the customers to preserve the historical value of the apartment, located in the center of the old city, so authors restored existing walls from an old Austrian brick and left it uncovered. However, we wanted to focus all the attention on the pair of large windows overlooking the opera house. For maximum immersion in this view, lounge zone was organized as a wide window sill with the soft pillows and the second window sill is used as a kitchen table.

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