Appartement S

Appartement S

Caracalla Architectes
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Antoine Séguin

Appartement S

Caracalla Architectes as Architects

During this critical time, the question of quality and state of small housing is primordial. How to have a private space, a desk, a place to cook, create or chill, host a guest or stock many plants in a little 36 sqaure meters and a restricted budget?


The project is a combination of an optimised space and a complex program. Uses and spaces are produced by superposition and permutation.


A technical wall including the kitchen, a bathroom and various storages articulates all the different spaces and configuration. 2 sliding doors divide the room. Each inner space is oriented on a baclony and the warm light oft he sun. As a perpetual motion.


Material Used :
1. Plywood
2. Béton ciré
3. Plaster
4. Terracotta tiles
5. Concrete

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ManufacturersBeton Ciré
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