Arauco Restaurant

Arauco Restaurant

PAR projetos
Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
Project Year
Denilson Machado (MCA Studio)
Product Spec Sheet

Ceramic coatingRoca
Stone vases – “Amorfos“ CollectionAlva Design
Furniture – Swing “Gira“André Ferri
mdf panel ARAUCO
Rug – “Seagrass“ plotBy Kamy
Sanitary ware and metalsDeca

Product Spec Sheet
Ceramic coating
by Roca
Stone vases – “Amorfos“ Collection
Furniture – Swing “Gira“
mdf panel
Rug – “Seagrass“ plot
by By Kamy
Sanitary ware and metals
by Deca

Arauco Restaurant

PAR projetos as Architects

Our goal is always to create unique atmospheres in our projects, capable of transmitting our work style and the way we see the world. In this particular context, more than good food and beautiful space, we wanted the visitors of this restaurant to enjoy the experience in a visual, sensorial, and even provocative way, and get involved with the project.


Some elements are essential to the concept we developed. Among them, for example, we call attention to the possibility of being inserted in an artistic installation (which happens when seated with the design lamps above the tables), the chance of seeing the whole environment from different perspectives through the reflection of suspended mirrors, the opportunity of seating on the swing that is a fun way to wait for a table, the experience of touching and being surprised by the pink salt countertop, which is a sensorial and unusual surface, among others.


The interior, used to be compartmentalized, was transformed in an open space sectorized by different pieces of furniture. This way, each of the several different components of the project - waiting area, lounge, bar, and dining area - gained a personality. We’ve preserved the existing brutalist structure, took advantage of the natural light, and integrated the internal environment to the external garden. We used curtains as wall coverings, that create coziness and expectation - almost like a theater.


Another highlight is that we used clay vases as table bases. These and other details were carefully thought to reinforce the visitor’s attention on the environment, as a reminder for the living moment, to be enjoyed, lived with quality, and in its wholeness.


We also try to use the very same concepts in the washbasin project, which should be understood as an element that aggregates and fits well to the restaurant, we explored the contrast created by the fact of it being all white, much clearer than the hall, to call the attention of those who get in and are questioned: 'are you here?'


Material Used :
1. Arauco – mdf panel 
2. Alva Design – stone vases – "Amorfos" Collection
3. André Ferri Design – furniture – Swing "Gira"
4. By Kamy – rug – “Seagrass“ plot
5. Deca - sanitary ware and metals
6. Estudio Bola – furniture – Chairs, Sofa, Armchairs, Stool
7. Gustavo Bittencourt Design – furniture – “Romeu“ Armchair
8. Humano Design – asrtistic lamps 
9. Lattoog Design – mirrors - “Stone“ Mirrors
10. PAR projetos – tables – Vase Table
11. Roca Group - ceramic coating

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