Around the Corner Grain

Around the Corner Grain


Maru Architecture
Saitama, Japan
Project Year

Ookura Hideki

Around the Corner Grain

Eureka as Architects

A landscape of livings woven together

A project of a 7 unit apartment on a corner of a suburban residential district.The project aims to create a landscape of diverse livings appearing from each external space placed randomly throughout the apartment. Regional environments shaped as athree-dimension composition of living spaces

A balancing-toy-like-steel structure enables larger masses on the upper floors to stretch out,leaving a pilotis continuous from the street.Creation of public space for the residential district is sought by fully expanding the advantage of the two-sided site.To make up for the mass lost by opening the ground floor,the building is made partially taller.Therefore,a way out through the strict height regulation had to be found.We came up with the idea of calculating the mass by’sky factor’(the ration lf the viewable sky),to heighten the building without blocking sun light or wind from the surrounding.This consequently created avariously discontinuous form of building,i.e. the irregular skyline,the open air balcony on the top,thepilotis at the corner.In contrast with the sky-reflecting metal façade,each of these external spaces is painted red with occational L wind system,the regional system was spatially and environmentally taken in to the architecture itself.

L-type fin makes wind environment to inside

L-type fin projected toward passage makes meaning of crossing through exterior space to architecture and blows wind from passage to inside of room.Also,we verify CFD simulation to see wind path inside of room,and adjust to set valcony and sliding window.

An innovative ‘common’that generates an’anonymity’of space

The pilotis,balconies and staircases traverse both spaces for the residents and for visitors and passersby.The complexity of the staircases intersecting and joining three-dimensionally,and the bases inserted int the pilotis experimentally create ambiguity of private and public spaces and anonymity of open spaces.Self-consciousness of one’s territory becomes faint,creatingtemporary,if not permanent,’common’spaces that belong to everyone while not belonging to anyone.

Architecture as a phenomena of collective behavior

Details such as the handrails of the balconies,the eaves of the upper decks,and the landings of the staircases are designed as places where the residents’ lifestyles materialize themselves.Inaddition,the open spaces are designed for the possibility of stalls or cafes to be opened.The interaction with the environment by the residents,continuously change the state of living spaces.By overlaying the collection of these living spaces on the whole building,a unique landscape at the crossroads of a residential district with public space flourishing itself over thime was sought.

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