Artist’s Studio

Artist’s Studio

Gans and Company
Woodstock, New York, USA | View Map
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Andrew Rugge

Artist’s Studio

Gans and Company as Architects

The studio is a free-standing building that completes an ensemble of experience and use in relation to a pre-existing house and a landscape. The new building contains a small drawing studio, workroom and kiln tucked beneath a library and a bedroom suite that overlook a double height sculpture space. It connects to the pre-existing house via two bridges: an upper bridge that extends from the living room to a new roof garden floating before the Catskills; and a lower bridge that ties the studio back into the hillside.

The studio is sited on the north face of a steep hill facing the mountains, which presents both magnificent views and also environmental challenges. To manage the heavy rain and runoff down the slope, the studio is raised on concrete pilotis and has an extensive green roof. This roof, along with the ceiling height, clerestory cross ventilation and fans, mitigate the climactic extremes of Woodstock to the degree that the building is heated only by a radiant floor and cooled only by the fans - with no additional air conditioning. “Gargoyle” gutter spouts send excess water into landscape and gravel swales. A new retaining wall of stones gathered from the site directs the water flow and defines the change in elevation between house and studio

This siting also produces multiple entry sequences and movement through the building to the larger site. There are distinct paths for family, studio workers, and visitors through its section. The ramp continues the sense of the hillside road to the doorway of the large sculpture studio and also accommodates the movement of heavy work. Guests enter the studio from its upper level via the bridge connecting to the hillside patio and an internal stair. Family and friends access the roof garden from the upper bridge that connects to the living room of the existing house.

While the studio interior is inwardly focused with de rigeur expanses of white wall and high windows, it still provides connections to the landscape. Mirrors fill the gaps between the windows of the clerestory windows in order to bounce the light and produce an even glow throughout the day, and also to create a continuous image of treetops – some of which are mere reflections of the woods opposite. The one vertical corner window sets up a long diagonal view to the mountains from the point at which one enters across the room. In the small drawing room, square windows just a few feet from the retaining wall offer a compressed, almost microscopic study of the rock of the site.

Material Used :

1. Anderson - Windows 100 Series

2. Hardiboard - Fiber Cement Cladding

3. Kemper - Green Roof System

4. Rheinzink - Gutters Scuppers Copings Flashings

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Product Spec Sheet

Windows 100 SeriesAndersen Windows
Green Roof SystemKEMPER SYSTEM
Gutters Scuppers Copings FlashingsRHEINZINK America
Product Spec Sheet
Windows 100 Series
Green Roof System
Gutters Scuppers Copings Flashings
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