Australian Pavilion

Australian Pavilion


Victor Garcia

Architect Alfredo Peraza Perez

Samantha Calzada
Venice, Italy
Project Year

Australian Pavilion

Tekne as Architects

International Ideas Competition Venice Architectural Biennale In the heart of the Australian dessert, home of the Anagu, rises the mountain Ulurù, center of the called “dreamtime”, time in which all the living creatures where created by the supreme being from the same mass. The human beings must be the guardians of this creation.

This mysticism is where the concept of the pavilion is born. The journey starts in the surrounding corridors, where the visitor experiences the idea of entering in a new world kept by the petrified guardians, you continue your way into the ground deep inside where life starts. As you get deeper and deeper into the building you will traverse a spiral ramp towards the center of the main hall, where the infinite is found.

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