Autoprogress-M Offices

Autoprogress-M Offices

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Project Year
Dmitry Chebanenko
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
ManufacturersArper SPA
Lightning – SPY collection – SPY ST 93033, BOXY collection – BOXY R 92733 Delta Light
Spy ST, Boxy R
Floor Tile – Effekta Professional – 4013 Grey Pine PROForbo Flooring Systems
Mixers – Eurosart - CosmopolitanGROHE
Mixers - FocusHansgrohe SE
Furniture – Kick-off seriesDauphin

Product Spec Sheet
Lightning – SPY collection – SPY ST 93033, BOXY collection – BOXY R 92733
Spy ST, Boxy R by Delta Light
Floor Tile – Effekta Professional – 4013 Grey Pine PRO
Mixers – Eurosart - Cosmopolitan
Mixers - Focus
Furniture – Kick-off series
by Dauphin

Autoprogress-M Offices

HAAST as Architects

This office was designed for an equipment certification company. The main task was to create a bright and comfortable interior, which would reflect the individuality of the company.

The location of the future office was on the first floor in the reconstructed workshop of the 60-s and had very low ceilings, which made it difficult to place the necessary engineering equipment and lighting. During design process, it was decided to lower the floor level (by digging it down). And that gave an opportunity to increase the overall space height. The black color of the ceiling creates an additional depth, which is emphasized by concise lamps silhouettes.

Because of the small space size, it was designed that overall space will have light walls and furniture, combined with bright-color accents. Some walls opened after dismantling had an original brick of 60-s. These walls have been restored and painted white.

As an accent in this cold-light space (and to make it a little more comfortable) we used warm wood wall panels in meeting and reception zone. The office floor has a natural light-gray wood texture. The blue color as the glass partitions graphics (lines) is reference to company brand.

Executive offices are more comfortable, the furniture and decor in them were selected individually.

The rich color combined with the old white brick, the warm textures of wood and the contrasting black ceiling gave the office a modern loft look.

Material Used :
1. Forbo Flooring Systems – Floor Tile – EffektaProfessional – 4013 Grey Pine PRO
2. VIART Professional Lighting Solutions – Lightning - Suspended Ceiling Light 
3. Delta Light – Lightning – SPY collection – SPY ST 93033
4. Delta Light – Lightning – BOXY collection – BOXY R 92733 
5. HATRIA – Toilet - Fusion collection
6. HATRIA – Basin - Area collection
7. Hansgrohe – Mixers - Focus
8. Grohe – Mixers – Eurosart - Cosmopolitan
9. NAYADA – Glass Partitions
10. Serenissima Cir –Porcelain tile – Docklands collection
11. Serenissima Cir –Porcelain tile – Lucidi
12. Dauphin – Furniture– Kick-off series
13. Arper – Furniture – Dizzie Collection
14. Andrew World – Furniture – Flex Collection
15. BoConcept – Lightning – Satellite
16. BoConcept – Lightning - Outrigger

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