B05 Kuifje

B05 Kuifje

NL Architects
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Residential Landscape
Luuk Kramer

B05 Kuifje

NL Architects as Architects

Nieuw-Crooswijk is a residential area in Rotterdam, strategically located near the city center and Kralingse Bos, a beautiful park. “Everything within 10 minutes”. Large parts have recently been demolished and will soon be reconstructed.

Seven architecture offices were invited to contribute to a differentiated ‘cityscape’. The objective was to create expressive architecture; the focus on refining the facades by to introducing elaborate details; accentuating entrances, articulating bay windows and balconies, introducing intricate brickwork, pronounced window frames and delicate fences: sculptural on the micro scale.

Each of the invited offices designed several blocks that are sprinkled around the area. In order to manage the resulting complexity an experimental organizational system was invented: one single ‘back office’ would draw up all plans and develop them into coherent architecture. ABT is responsible for what is ‘under the hood’; the selected architects can as such concentrate on detailing the facades…

The developer, Ontwikkelings Combinatie Nieuw Crooswijk / Proper-Stok Groep, asked NL Architects to design several of what were called ‘specials’: seven apartment blocks that presumably will play an important role in the area for their position or height.

B05 is part of a series of 7 designs for Nieuw Crooswijk that all emphasize a building part, mostly the outdoor space, to create a both functional and sculptural quality.

B05, or Kuifje (Tintin), is positioned in the second block along the Boezemlaan that is now under construction. B05 is the tallest structure in this cluster; a 15 stories tower, two apartments per floor. The first 10 floor go up straight, but after reaching the maximum height of the neighbors, the building starts deforming. The highest floors lean forward, piercing through the building line, creating a distinct silhouette. A kind of super sized cornice comes into being.

The Standard floors all feature a loggia facing south west. By pushing the upper floors the penthouses can all feature an additional balcony over the full width of the apartment with a sensational view over the skyline of Rotterdam.

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