Bajo Belgrano

Bajo Belgrano

Picciotto Arquitectos, SC.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bajo _Belgrano

Picciotto Arquitectos, SC. as Architects

Background To transform the cities and make them harmonious and experiential spaces consistent with the natural environment, we need to turn them into sustainable spaces. The emerging countries of Latin America, in the current context of global crisis, we need to be able to adapt in order to capitalize on the most practical investments needed to allow viewing a prosperous future for our cities. A sensible proposal and in line with reality is feasible to implement projects with dimensions that allow us to confront current challenges.

The way that we envision is the creation of sustainable cities from the beginning to create, in a first step self-sufficient cells: SUSTAINABLE SET.

THE SET It will be the place where people enjoy a safe environment created from the characteristics that should cover sustainable Latin American cities, which will meet the specific needs of the environment in which they are located. To do this we have started to analyze and understand the site and its specific demands, which have been framework for the integration of elements of the architectural program requested.

Theoretical framework We know and saved the formal characteristics, aesthetic and experiential Latin American cities. That is why starting from the base of the Latin American city emerges around the Plaza, which is the extension of our home, garden or patio group of people in a specific location, the site for recreation and rest. Thus, the set is organized around a series of plazas and gardens that are organized around a grid interconnect the various elements in what is a remembrance of the urban area of Buenos Aires.

It also will focus on the rescue and ownership of practice "sustainable" that more people on the planet taken as the low energy consumption, water reuse, low maintenance, etc. Our sustainable future rescues today, innovations and technological contributions citizens of this and strategies harmonious between man and nature in the past.

Discourse. The residential complex has been designed by an interdisciplinary team, where the rhetoric of discourse is present in the architectural design and urban comprehensive and coherent manner. So that the Master Plan for this residential complex is not a space alien to its context, however this is a project in which each of its components respond to a Minusio orientation analysis, performance, operation, needs, well as the construction phase, the feasibility of investment, demand-driven sales and bioclimatic integration into a specific context. What allows this to be an integral space since its inception is part of a concept of habitability. So the squares, gardens and amenities that are bound, represent the social heart of this project, which is surrounded by three large towers surrounding such spaces and at the same time turn out to be an emblematic symbol of leisure and living space within Belgrano community. This raises a total integration of the whole, so that conceptually would be "a piece of the city."

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