Blue Moon - Interior

Blue Moon - Interior

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Omar Sartor
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Interior lightingLuceplan
Interior furnitureEGGER Wood-based materials
Interior lightingArtemide
Interior furnitureCleaf
Interior furnitureCrassevig

Product Spec Sheet
Interior lighting
Interior furniture
Interior lighting
Interior furniture
by Cleaf
Interior furniture

Blue Moon - Interior

ITCH as Architects

What was the brief?
The project pertains the interior design of a newly built topmost story in a historic building from the early 1900s located in the center of Milan. At the same time, the apartments on the last floor, partially connected to the new story, were also renovated by revisiting their internal layout and distribution. The context for these new four apartments of different layouts and sizes is that of a house with banisters typical of the Milanese architecture in the early years of the century. From here we have reinterpreted all of its essential features, starting with the reconstruction of the distribution galleries facing the inner courtyard or the elements of separation between units originally consisting of gallery curtains to enhance the feeling of privacy between the different properties, or the general absence of eaves projection. The project attempts to maintain a philologically coherent outlook on the historical street while reinterpreting the fundamental elements of the gallery in the inner courtyard.

What were the key challenges?
The goal was to create a simple and versatile interior project since the new apartments will be used as accommodations for a high-end B&B. Out of the four apartments two of them are duplexes and feature wooden and metal beamed ceilings, while the other two are attic apartments with slanted ceilings. Both designs are aiming at opening up the spaces by giving light to the bedrooms as well as to the living areas. Particularly the entire facade of the additional story is characterized by a glass and windowed wall overlooking the new gallery allowing plenty of natural light to brighten the apartments. This design synthesizes the relationship between new and old, between history and modernity and the interior project reflects these characteristics.

What materials did you choose and why?
Given the way space was used, simple but resistant materials were employed and the bright colors of both the walls and the furnishings were played out. In general, the project as a whole can be defined as “color blocking”;, that is, it uses geometric shapes with particular cuts to create dynamic and distinct environments together with the color, which is always bright and very well defined. For the fixed furnishings, all custom made, ennobled and laminated woods were employed. For the stairs resins with opaque finishes were used in addition to the exposed painted metal which recalls the pattern of the load-bearing beams in the attic. Great care and attention has been paid to the tapestries, such as coverings and curtains, given the strong presence of the latter especially in the elevated areas. Curtains are also designed to fulfill a dimming function on the light coming through the large glass wall facing the inner courtyard. The tables in the dining areas, of different shapes and sizes, summarize the interior design project for these new apartments and reflect their attitude. Two shapes with two materials (wood and metal) and two interlocking sections with a glass top are the indication of a simple and clean design. Designed specifically for these spaces, they are now part of a collection produced by Crassevig( by the name of “Mimico”.


Material Used :
1. Fumedoak
2. Finish: lye-stained + fewcoats of coloured hardwaxoil Smooth & polished surface - FORNETT s.a.s
3. Alba by linvisibile - LINVISIBILE by Portarredo srl 
4. Thermal break aluminum window triple glass TOP TT75 - DOMAL
5. Interior lighting: LUCEPLAN, ARTEMIDE 
6. Interior furniture: CLEAF + EGGER (nobilitati+laminati degli arredi fissi) KRION (piani mobili bagno) LACIVIDINA, CRASSEVIG, HAY, RESPACE, SYSTEMTRONIC (arredi)

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