Bora Bora House / Casa Bora Bora

Bora Bora House / Casa Bora Bora

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Private Houses

Bora Bora Beach House

NIKOLAS BRICEÑO arquitecto as Architects

The project is located in the district of Asia, a hundred kilometers south from the city of Lima, Peru. Its objective: a beach house for temporary use because the summer in Lima goes on from December to April. The temporary use and the direct view to the Pacific Ocean were determinant to the project. The proposal was based on a flat generating a spatial integration, mainly for the social area. From the outside it is a whole, simple, and clean volume similar to a big rectangular prism. The floor is organized in sections divided by sliding glass doors which give the possibility of integrating the different spaces in a big one. These spaces correspond to the pool area, living room, dining room, and kitchen. The position of each space allows a permanent view of the beach and the sea from all of them. As part of this idea of integration, there are spaces with a flexible use according to the different typical activities in a beach house. That is how the kitchen can be a bar, and at the same time, the brown Africa granite console part of the dining room too. The sliding glass doors can be totally hidden behind the concrete wall if you want the three spaces to be communicated; if not, you can always close them and just let the bar and the dining room together. The dining room is an open space, partially covered with a roof, between the kitchen and the living room. At the same time it works as the central patio of the house distribution, and the place where people meet. The living room which looks to the dining room from one side and to the pool from the other, can pull all its sliding glass doors to one side to integrate both the inside and outside. The bedrooms, excepting the main bedroom which overlooks the sea, are lined looking to the north front of the house to have a better light and ventilation. According to the requirements of the client, the proposal decided on giving independence to each bedroom in an informal style. That is why the bedrooms overlook a lateral patio corridor which has a wooden latticework with independent doors in front of each bedroom. This way the children and guests can feel comfortable enough to move independently, to walk in and out of their room without the need of passing through other parts of the house. The informality of the project can be seen in the materials, treated cement, used mostly for the lateral patio corridor and the bedrooms. The bathrooms have inner open gardens with plants, developed under the concept of a SPA. This was possible considering that Lima is a city with almost no rain. It is a simple and clean architecture with modern lines where the most important is to be functional. Let´s say the correct combination of light, ventilation, and spaces that allow the house to work on its own.

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Sabadell Bank
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