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BORZOI:weekend house

N MAEDA ATELIER as Architects

Surfing is a very important part of my life. Surfing is not a mere sport or enjoyment, it is a philosophy that teaches you how infinitesimal you are. The instant this insignificant speck becomes one with that great wave which has been repeating itself for billions of years, your universe is changed forever. No respect is too great for those who defy death to ride the 60-foot waves, unrecompensed. 
Then there is "tube riding", the technique of entering a curling wave. An instant of perfect bliss.

The requests from the young lady for BORZOI were security from the outside, and an arrangement where here pet dog, a borzoi, could not easily run away. 
This decided the continuous curved metal structure of BORZOI. 
A life of "tube riding". 
All is one inside a curving wave. Just like all the air for the living space within the giant metal curve is one. 
However, while BORZOI is one air, there are paradoxes arrayed therein so that multiple sceneries unfurl simultaneously. This is ensured by the three gardens. 
Several gardens provide scenery to the spatial continuum void of boundaries (the floor, walls, and ceiling are a continual curve), and while the external view is one, the internal air displays obvious contour lines of air.

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