Bridgestone Pavilion

Bridgestone Pavilion

Bangkok, Thailand
Project Year
Luke Yeung
Product Spec Sheet

EVA Laminated GlassAGC Glass Europe
Solar Photovoltaic PanelsPanasonic
Exterior MembraneEVALON
PVC Stretch MembraneExtenzo
Flexboard – Curved Gypsum PanelsSiam Gypsum

Product Spec Sheet
EVA Laminated Glass
Solar Photovoltaic Panels
Exterior Membrane
PVC Stretch Membrane
by Extenzo
Flexboard – Curved Gypsum Panels

Bridgestone Pavilion

Architectkidd as Architects

The design for the Bridgestone Pavilion communicates the company's commitment towards manufacturing, research and investment in South East Asia. With an emphasis on showcasing emerging technologies, Architectkidd had the opportunity to implement design approaches and features that are relatively unique among current standard construction practices in Thailand.

The building volume was generated based on 3-dimensional spatial requirements. The starting points were the interior functions, building heights and site boundaries, as well as the continuous flow of visitors from entrance, exhibitions, to exit. The requirements were digitized volumetrically and merged to form the overall building, with the exterior a result of optimizing the interior spaces while minimizing extraneous elements such as additional edges, corners and leftover spaces.

The structural design and steel fabrication team for the Bridgestone Pavilion engineered 66 steel profiles - each with a distinct shape and curvature. The steel elements were hand-made and prefabricated before installing on the site.

Architectkidd's collaboration with Bridgestone allowed access to its extensive polymers expertise. One example is the use of EVA heat-reflecting film laminated on the glass windows and doors of the pavilion. Bridgestone also supplied materials for light-transmitting solar panels (installed as a roof skylight) as well as flexible roofing membranes. The entrance of the pavilion is made from elastic PVC fitted across pre-formed steel profiles.

Material Used:

1. Panasonic HIT – Solar Photovoltaic Panels

2. AGC – EVA Laminated Glass

3. Evalon – Exterior Membrane

4. Siam Gypsum – Flexboard – Curved Gypsum Panels

5. Extenzo – PVC Stretch Membrane

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