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Frederico Roeber as Architects

This project consists of a remodelling of a restaurant into a coffee house/bakery. With an area of 70m2, this space was to become the result of a home-making brigadeiros’ business, into an actual commercial space. In order to change the previous coffee place into a new Brigadeiria, a lot of changes had to be made – however, with a really tight budget. This required some fund management skills and focus on what was really necessary.


The main strategy of the project was to emphasize the core of the business - the cooking. This way, the brigadeiros and the process of making them, turned into the motto of this business and had to dominate the area, turning all the culinary procedures into a show all costumers could watch. With this in mind, we applied most of our resources in the counter, where all the “show-cooking” was to happen and for that reason it had to be placed in the middle of the area acting as the centre of attention.


This way, our main challenges were overcome. We had the show-cooking as a fundament for this business, the priorities set for our budget and the space disposition defined. Then we added a few simple, yet remarkable final touches. The bar counter was overlaid in marble, a noble material for such a highlighted position, and the rest of the space and furniture painted in the same colour: pink. Several tones of pink were spread, covering the space from floor to ceiling, setting a different tone to the bakery, and opening your appetite as you walk in.


Even though we had to be very contained in our choices of material, we managed to install a hip business in a trendy neighbourhood, creating a nice area to learn a bit of cooking and enjoy a nice meal, either in the middle of the ‘show’ or in a quieter table.


Material Used :
1. CINCA - serie Marbellous, ceramic; we used in the central bar – Marbellous collections, ref.: Calacatta Oro

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serie Marbellous, ceramicCinca
Product Spec Sheet
serie Marbellous, ceramic
by Cinca
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Frankfurt, Germany - Build completed in 2015
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