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At a beautiful location in the Flemish Ardennes, we build a holiday home in CLT. The pronounced texture inside, wood grain, and outside rough, black clay roof tiles, gets its complement in the sharper graphics of a light green tile plinth and the smooth colored fronts of the furniture.

A new building without green scuff. There is no grubbing here. The compact volume, pushed into the rolling landscape of an old garden. A heat-capturing network was puzzled between the roots of trees. Slow approach on winding path along trees and bushes, continuation of / with a walk.

The landscape is all around you. The solid volume shows itself worn by erosion, with abraded corners it seems better to fit. The tiled plinth elevates and shelters and offers accommodation, the joinery unfolds in the interior with a depth that allows itself to be occupied. A lot of glass, but you would not say that. Outdoor plants may grow up against or on this plinth, almost no paving!

The plan of the living space is open and offers diagonal views. The sleeping zone is a few steps lower. If you step out of the living room from the night hall, still sleepy, in the center of the living space, you can see a wide range from east to south to west. The roof follows the slope of the landscape. On the head of the house a covered terrace welcomes the visitor, on cold evenings the outdoor fireplace burns.

This home is for rent as a holiday home on www.haaghoek.be

Materials used:

1. Afzelia – Exterior joinery, wooden windows

2. Cross laminated timber – massive wood walls

3. Polished concrete – inside flooring

4. Brushed concrete – outside flooring

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General contractor
Stability engineer
Product Spec Sheet

Interior joinery / fixed furnitureEurofiba
Grijs lauze - PommardTerreal
Exterior wall tiling; Interior wall tilingWinckelmans
Product Spec Sheet
Interior joinery / fixed furniture
Grijs lauze - Pommard
by Terreal
Exterior wall tiling; Interior wall tiling
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