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Sergey Skuratov’s designs let the new residential and retail complex Burdenko engage in a confident dialogue with the historical centre of Moscow around it. The harmonious composition of three staggered buildings and their textured façade of polychromatic Hagemeister bricks give the representative architecture a respected and respectful place in its surroundings.

The demolition of a historical four-story brick building gave Skuratov the idea for the characteristic brick architecture that engages with the story of the place. The residential and retail complex takes up motifs from Skuratov’s Belgravia project, built in 2000 according to his plans, but the new complex on Burdenko Street concentrates primarily on its own uniqueness and on the area around it. The key idea of the architect was to create a harmonious and expressive composition in the urban space that blends into its location, but also offers comfortable, high-quality living space.

With a total floor space of 173,000 square feet, the complex is split into three individual structures. A five-story residential building along the edge of the plot echoes the dimensions of the neighbouring buildings. To its back, a twelve-story high-rise building forms a new point of reference on the skyline. The ensemble is finished by a detached two-story townhouse. The staggered composition enabled Skuratov to complete a total of 33 residential units, each between 1000 and 2700 square feet, without obstructing the view or blocking the lights for the buildings opposite.

On the outside, the visual presence of the complex is determined by the textured façade design using Hagemeister clinker bricks in the Burdenko assortment chosen specifically for this project. “The technique is well-known in European Architecture”, Skuratov explains about the relief created by individual protruding bricks. “It adds life to the façade and gives it the additional complexity and substance it needs to compete with the classical orders of the historical architecture around it.” The larger units are enriched further by the harmonious colour play of the clinker, ranging from reddish brown to earthy sand colours, a reflection of the light and shade of the trees lining the street.

Bricked underbeams under bays and consoles, the strong rhythm of vertical slits, and large-scale asymmetric window jambs give the structure its unique sculptural quality. Skuratov: “Decorative rhythms and partitions are an echo of the architecture coming through the material of the façade. The tapering jambs of the windows give the building the necessary depth and create a multitude of new views by taking up the changing lights.” This enables the residential and retail complex Burdenko to hold its own as a playful brick sculpture in its historic surroundings.

Quote “Clinker bricks combined with the haptic façade and spatial composition have create a unique and memorable façade presence that enriches and enlivens the entire locale.“ Sergey Skuratov

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