Café in the garden

Café in the garden

Integrated Field co.,ltd.
Ketsiree Wongwan

Café in the garden

Integrated Field co.,ltd. as Architects

With the owner’s love of gardens and trees, IF proposed this IT’S SARA café as a place where people could experience the permeation between the indoor and the outdoor space.

The intertwining of layers of each element is how the boundary between outside and inside was blurred and became almost invisible. Components such as lawn, plants, trees and tiles are randomly placed on smooth steps continuously from surroundings into the area under the roof. These components also define room for the outdoor space. Meanwhile components such as roof and wall are just floating over the garden with little connections through the intentionally un-aligned slim steel columns.Translucent panels, assembled on the waffle steel structure roof, allow the natural light to interpenetrate into the covering area. Clear glass walls define the clear vision between air-conditioned volume and outside.

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