Café La Torta Pontevedra

Café La Torta Pontevedra

NAN Arquitectos
C. Mariscal Pardo de Cela, Pontevedra-Galicia , Spain | View Map
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Iván Casal Nieto

Café La Torta Pontevedra

NAN Arquitectos as Architects

The Project was described around "La Torta", a typical Galician sweet, as an area to buy or take away (ordered previously) “La Torta” as well as an space to delight this product with a coffee or a soft drink.

The promoters are the franchisees. When the Project started , there was a conversation with the Franchise management in order to know if there was a guideline in terms of design related to the product that had to be respected. The only element was the logo, so the rest of the design must be developed.

"A successful high quality product , with an aspect and shape already defined". This is the main idea that was considered to define the Project.

An Architecture that remind traditional and handmade aspects was looked for.

The main purpose was get the feeling that we are in a traditional oven. The treatment of the light is the main element that helps to transmit this kind of experience. The indirect lights have orange colour, the same colour that we find on the fire of the oven where this product were made years ago.

The white colour is everywhere as well as on the main element of La Torta, the cream. It is the reference colour that is directly related with the product.

As material base the Galician pine was used , it can be associated with the tradition immediately. Sometimes the pine was confronted with the concrete to emphasise the area that is inside, as a nice place.

A rectangular shape is growing up from inside to outside as the successful of this product in the last years.

In the distribution of the space we can find first of all a terrace , after that, there is a space when the products are showed. The space for delight the products is made for two functional areas depending on the duration of your stay . In the back you can find a small warehouse that belong to the bar and also the toilets.

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