Cafe & Patisserie Dobnik

Cafe & Patisserie Dobnik

Cankarjevo nabrežje 19, Ljubljana, Slovenia | View Map
Project Year
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Pendant lampMarset
Oak baseHAY
AAL sofa balder 692
AAL 93
AAC 123
Table lampibride
Bambi Doe Chest of Drawers
Junon Lamp
Floor lampMuuto
Framed Mirror
Pull Lamp

Product Spec Sheet
Pendant lamp
Oak base
AAC 123, AAL 93, AAL sofa balder 692 by HAY
Table lamp
Junon Lamp, Bambi Doe Chest of Drawers by ibride
Floor lamp
Pull Lamp, Framed Mirror by Muuto

Tasting delicious chocolate while seating in comfortable sofa...

AKSL arhitekti as Interior Architects

In between two remarkable Ljubljana’s touristic points, Triple bridge and Šentjakob’s bridge, there are bars, restaurants and patisseries stringed like pearls on a neckless, showing off with their sunny terraces inviting tons of locals and tourist to sit down and relax.
New achievement located on that so called Ljubljana’s beach, is café and patisserie belonging to Chocolate atelier Dobnik, created by AKSL arhitekti. From the former and iconic café Maček, all the existing floor and wall coverings were removed, including all partition walls, installations and lighting system. The only thing that remained is historical shell, giving to the design extremely exquisite impression, creating an elegant café with the accent on comfortable feelings. 
As the main floor covering architects used oak parquet, which continuously climbs up three main sides of the bar counter. Ceramic tiles with 3D effect are placed all around the outer walls, creating a continuous stroke throughout the space.  
Central space is defined by the bar counter, next to which you can find a showcase representing all varieties of patisserie. Delicious sweets are enlightened with pendant Plat box light by Marset, resembling to the handmade pralines made by chocolatiers in that specific atelier. 
In the left part of the café, a step higher than the rest of the space, there you can sip your delicious coffee while you are actually sitting in the boxed shaped room, inserted in the main room. This wooden box is from the inner side completely covered with colourful fabric, resembling to the oriental carpets. This specific textile conjure up a feeling of cosy living room, it gives you a feeling like at home. 
All bright looking window niches are equipped with velvet tabourets and one-seaters by Hay. Dynamical effect is by AKSL arhitekti created with Muuto Frame mirrors, being an outstanding wall décor. 
Turning into the right part of the café, there you can find restrooms, done with as much attention as all the other spaces in this patisserie. Usage of another type of the textile wallpapers, AKSL arhitekti added softer feeling, even though we are talking about “only” restrooms. 
Designers’ red line was to wrap the whole renovated space into the pastel colours, combined with shades of chocolate as the main concept of the whole café. Turning from white, through brown to black chocolate colours, while using soft seating elements and wall coverings, the feeling that is created in the space can only be cosy, harmful and pleasant while tasting plenty different handmade pralines. You would definitely not regret that experience! 


Material Used :
1. Muuto - Pull floor lamp
2. Muuto - Framed mirror
3. Hay - AAC 123, AAL 93, AAL sofa balder 692
4. Menu - Yeh wall table, low
5. Marset - Pleat Box
6. Apavisa 
7. Ibride - Bambi grey, doe chest of drawers
8. Ibride - Junon black, bedside lamp
9. Pedrali - Stylus table

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