CANCUN Cathedral

CANCUN Cathedral

AVP Arhitekti
Cancun, Mexico
AVP arhitekti

CANCUN Cathedral

AVP Arhitekti as Architects

The principal idea of the proposal is the simplicity of composition, using the cross as a plan scheme. The concept visualizes 4 walls which intersect one another in the center conforming such cross-structure. Those walls represent the 4 evangelists who at the same time are linked together by a large dome that renders light within the inner space representing the holly spirit. The light, as a crucial point in this project, marks a dramatic effect when passing through the dome and indirectly over the cathedral wings.

The project aims to be one of the first religious contemporary projects in Mexico with a passive energy design. The cathedral is 100% naturally ventilated responding thus to the local climate therefore there is no use of artificial climatization. All the elements in the design of the Cathedral will be made of local materials (wood, stone, etc.). There will be a treatment of grey waters and the rainwater will be colected and stored in a tank for further watering of green areas. The roof will be covered with photovoltaic panels to meet linterior and urban lightning consumption thanks to the high sun incidence over this particular area of Mexico.

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