Casa Atrevida

Casa Atrevida

Rhode Island School of Design

Luz Letelier
Project Year
Private Houses

Casa Atrevida

Luz de Piedra Arquitectos as Manufacturers

Designed for a Corsican French family who come every year to surf to the country, the house is located between the Pacific Ocean and Platanares river, this House communicates nature freedom. Wáter is constantly present in either visual or acoustic way. Sandy soils covered with a biodiverse rainforest; fauna is scandalous.

Architecture more vegetable, less mineral. through the decision of materials and structure, the ecological footprint was reduced. It is camouflaged in the forest and doesnt interfere with landscape. Seismic-resistant structure built entirely in Guadua bamboo. Perhaps the essential renewable building material. Rods ranging from 10 to 17 cm in diameter on a length of up to 9 meters Maintenance by design: large eaves, high concrete pedestals, protect and isolate the bamboo from their main enemy: water. Natural crossed ventilation in all housing enclosures. Natural lighting throughout the day. Roof garden to refreshe the main space below. Energy Production by photovoltaics and solar hydro-pneumatic equipment installation.

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ManufacturersLuz de Piedra Arquitectos
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