Casa Conte

Casa Conte

Resana, TV, Italy | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Marco Zanta
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Interior furnitureFlou
Facade claddingRHEINZINK
Interior furnitureMagis spa
Interior furnitureZanotta

Product Spec Sheet
Interior furniture
by Flou
Facade cladding
Interior furniture
by Itlas
Interior furniture
by Zanotta

Casa Conte

iscattolin as Architects

The building complex is the result of the ten years collaboration with the client.

The different built extensions derived from the evolution of the household, which during the time has matured several needs of the five children for the use of the house.


The central focus, which was first built by the design of another architect, was revitalized and changed trough the gradual integration of new buildings, used for residence of the bigger children of the family, for the opening spaces of the living area, for the gym for home use with wellness area with indoor pool, for place to study, reading and compilation of scientific texts, and on the west side for various areas of service for the management of the large outdoor area and for the place of  reception of the custody personnel.


The real project challenge has therefore developed on the control of a large complex, characterized by the sophisticated articulation of the connecting paths and by the construction carried out for successive time.


The design of the project volume followed an accurate study of the places and the client’s needs, pursuing formal and plastic continuity objectives. This goal was achieved through an appropriate control of heights, of the trend and orientation of coverage, of the use of natural light, making a progressive dimensioning of the solids and voids, thanks to the massive presence of arcades, typical of the countryside, and of terraces for access to the rooftop.


The architectural project made a skilful and calibrated use of building materials, aimed to the mitigating volume and to their inclusion in the adjacent agricultural area. The first part of the complex is characterized by the use of traditional materials, as the “coccio pesto” plaster, the wood, the brick tiles on the roof. These materials on the north area of the house are replaced by the extensive use of glass and metal, wanting to ensure a sweeter insertion in the countryside.


The defined masterplan makes clear the recourse to inner and secure courts, like counterpoint elements between buildings and at the same time opportunity connects visually between blocks, they become the place of meditation and the contemplation of the green and of the architecture.

The presence of the natural green, always of native essence, is use as an enhancement element of the buildings and to give greater well-being to the inhabitants.


The project aims to give back to the observer the picture of a modern country house, functional to the modern residence in this context, respecting its architectural and environment peculiarities.


Material Used:

1. Facade cladding- Rheinzink

2. Flooring- Itlas wood floor

3. Windows- Schuco

4. Interior furniture- Magis, Zanotta, Flou

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