Casa HAC
Evelyn Muller
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Tableware and metalsDeca
Plaster liningKnauf
JoineryNovaes • Ferreira
Wooden floor and ceilingPau Pau
Ceramic coatingsPortobello S.A.
Frames and briseSoal

Product Spec Sheet
Tableware and metals
by Deca
Plaster lining
by Knauf
Wooden floor and ceiling
by Pau Pau
Ceramic coatings
Frames and brise
by Soal

Casa HAC

Seferin Arquitetura as Architects

Located in the beautiful condo called Quinta da Baroneza in Bragança Paulista, the residence was designed as a second home for a couple their guests such as sons, grandsonsand friends

With a view of the mountains from the front façade and a preservation area at the back, the main level was settled at the highest point of the site. On the ground floor the access of the cars, deposit and service are separated by an open garden which is the arrival hall of the level. Passing through the garden and below the green wall the entrance door with the staircase leed the way to the main floor.

The living area has large glass doors for both facades, allowing a cross ventilation to the room. In the stone volume a lounge and cinema room gets the vallew view.On the Other hand a spa with sauna and hydromassage faces the preservation field and has direct access to the pool area. On the other side of the living room are the bedrooms situatedate  the front of the site. At the center the kitchen opens to the social area and has a direct access to the service área ate the lower level. At the other end of this volume are the tv room and the master suite facing the nature.

Integrated into the living area a front balcony next to the lounge roomfaces the valley view and the gourmet balcony at the back next to the spa and pool area faces the green area.


Material Used:
1. Soal Aluminios - frames and brise
2. PauPau - wooden floor and ceiling
3. Novaes Ferreira - joinery
4. Portobello - ceramic coatings
5. Knauf - plaster lining
6. Deca - tableware and metals
7. Rosgmart - stones
8. SUBB | Constructions - Execution

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