Casa Manfredi

Casa Manfredi

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San Miniato, Province of Pisa, Italy
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Dialectic Renovation Of An Old Tuscany Barn

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Talking about an architectural project often  means to compare items that are not involved in the perception of  spaces and volumes. 

A project can perhaps summarize lots of  details  comings from different parts: from the curltural formation of the designers to the “utilitas”.

It is not our intention to investigate the dynamics of a project, we would  just like to ask ouselves some questions to introduce significant and necessary aspects to understand the MANFREDI’s house.

We are tryng to continue our  research that look for the opportunity to  dialectically  attend  with contemporary forms and concepts.  

The project develops the rural renovation theme by rereading the typical  tuscany barn’s elements. 

The entrance door is made by a simple painted expanded metal; gutters and downspouts has been cancelled; the new windows don’t respect the dimensions of the old ones but are designed as  pauses between the volumes; the building ground floor  facade relationship with the grass is really direct, infact we have replaced the classic sidewalks with a small gravel band.

The interior space is both innovative and in continuity with the past. Respecting the aestethic vernacular building type the sense of  the unitary space of the pre-existing barn has been mainteined as much as possible. The result is to have very fluid spaces both in planimetry and elevation. So we create a very permeable place in which relationships are created between all the house’s place. Technical place and guest room are more private.

The materials research was carried out in order to obtain an exaggerated chromatic homogeneity which allows to give both to the project and to the space a sense of warmth, sobriety and almost “ franciscan poverty” in harmony with the original building.

New technologies
The technological research was made towards a sober technology presence.  Sober both for the look and for the system. (Technological element are hidden behind architectural elements; radiant heating panels and plugs andsockets have been hidden too) For example we have used small quantity of air conditoner elements by using a carefull planning of natural ventilation and  convective motions.

Material Used :

1. Ventre Antonio srl – construction work
2. Canducci Holz service – wood roof - Kaufmann
3. Ermini Adone srl - windows
4. Inglass – glass wall 

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Wood roof - KaufmannCanducci Holz Service
WindowsErmini Adone srl
Glass wallInglass
Product Spec Sheet
Wood roof - Kaufmann
Glass wall
by Inglass
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