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Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersRural

Podere Bedano

The property, an antique Tuscan farm whose original nucleus dates back to 1712, lies near Casale Marittimo, a small town of the Alta Maremma, located 10 km inland from the sea. The challenge was to introduce and involve minimal and contemporary architectural elements in an environment rich in nature and tradition. The solution adopted to achieve this objective has been to maintain as much as possible the vernacular architecture of Maremma using local technologies and materials for the external envelope, juxtaposing minimal design and clean interiors. The help of local workers during the construction phase has been crucial for plugging the building in the landscape and environment context and to respect local architectural traditions. Act... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersOffices

Porta Romana 19

The redevelopment of the building, with the entrance from Corso di Porta Romana 19 within the historical center of Milan, represents an innovation for the way of approach and the design sensitivity, making a perfect synthesis between historical tradition and contemporary design. The intervention completely renews the building by creating a new glass roof in a contemporary language, harmoniously fitting into the historical context and respecting the architecture of the building underneath. The characteristic features of the intervention are the redesign of the internal facades, the new loggia on the penultimate floor and the new glass structure on the roof. The latter, born from the demolition and reconstruction of the existing pitched roo... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi Architetto and PartnersOffices

Cassala 22

The building is located in Viale Cassala 22 in Milan in an urban area close to the railway where managerial, residential and commercial activities coexist. The Project provides a series of interventions that want to renew the internal and external aspects of the property, while maintaining its offices use. The project involves the renovation of the building envelope, the construction of a volumetric expansion on the back of the existing building of 862.59 sqm of SLP and the general renovation of the electrical and mechanical systems, as well as various interior refurbishment works such as the construction of a new entrance hall on the ground floor which allows indoor access to the six levels of offices. The existing facade made of ribbon... More

Project • By BÜRO KLKRestaurants


The story of the two Mochi founders roots in learning how to cook with Pierre Gagnaire and Jean- François Piège in Paris while the other directed BMW World’s restaurant in Munich. Their vision was to create a space where people and ingredients could meet on the highest level of atmosphere and quality. Beyond regular parameters of star cuisine and slick architecture, a space should be created challenging a next level of authentic encounter. The interior takes its atmospheric inspiration from Tokyo’s old town soup kitchens: a place where crowds come together for a lively experience. Authenticity is materialized in three statements: Pure concrete, plain copper and oiled oak - settings for an urban, forward looking re... More

NewsNews • 4 Mar 2021

KAAN Architecten extends Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts with hyper modern roof galleries

KAAN Architecten approached the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts in two distinctly different ways. The 19th century building was restored to its former grandeur as much as possible and the new extension, inserted into four former patios, adds a clean hyper modern spatiality to the Fine Arts experience.     The new addition is held up by a 1-million-kilo steel skeleton. Its cleanness, asymmetry and verticality contrasts with the ornamentality, symmetry and horizontal nature of the existing 19th century neoclassical  building.  © Mediamixer “Both the 21st and the 19th century museum couldn’t be more different and more intense. They embody an emblematic contrast in dimensions, light and atmosp... More

Project • By Marcy Wong Donn Logan ArchitectsResearch Facilities

Uber Advanced Technologies Group R&D Center

Uber Advanced Technologies Group is a self-driving technology engineering team whose Research and Development Center was designed within Pier 70 in San Francisco. The project which rehabilitated four massive derelict historic buildings, served to extend the site’s legacy of transportation innovation into the 21st century. Orton Development Inc, Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects, with a team of engineers and other design specialists, worked closely with the Port of San Francisco, the National Park Service, and California’s State Historic Preservation Office to adapt these historic industrial structures. In accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties., the design approac... More

NewsNews • 4 Feb 2021

SAOTA renovates 19th century farm buildings by stripping away earlier refurbishments

SAOTA renovated a cluster of buildings on a former farm by studying its history and stripping away earlier refurbishments done in the 70’s. The farm consists of a main building, two barns and a former wine store. Adam Letch The buildings were constructed in the usual techniques used by Dutch settlers in the Cape. Walls of poured mud or clay that were cast layer by layer up to 700 millimeters (28 inch). In the main building the original yellowwood beams were restored. The timber floors were rotten and were replaced with poplar planks. Screed floors in the kitchen and dining area were refinished using stone pavers out of the field. Adam Letch Wherever new modern materials were introduced they were carefully selected to match... More

NewsNews • 20 Jan 2021

1900 Coffee brings life back to a historic Kyiv building

Originally constructed in 1911, this former monument of architecture and heritage by Kyiv architect Alyoshin had fallen into disrepair during the 20th century. By the early 2000s, it was being used as a janitor's office. Recognizing the lost heritage of the building, a gradual restoration commenced, culminating in today's 1900 Coffee, a brand who have made preserving the cultural heritage of Kyiv a core value of their company.  Andrei Bezuglov At the beginning of the project, PVA Architects did not know exactly the condition of the existing building walls, which were concealed by layers of drywall. After four weeks of dismantling layers of wall decor and removing rubbish, the original elements of the building began to emerge.&nbs... More

Project • By Fumihiko Sano StudioRestaurants

Japanese Cuisine Tokiwa

This project is a new store reopened by a chef who has been operating a Japanese restaurant in Ginza for about 20 years. The interior design is a Sukiya style to reflect the chef’s personal fondness of tea ceremonies.The entire area is divided into an entrance, a private room, a counter, a table area. The design and materials were selected to differ in the nature of the space, based on the aesthetics of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room. The door of the façade is made from a 350 year old single piece of Kirishima cedar with a brass frame, a design fitting to represent the design of the restaurant. For the approach from the entrance to the dining area, the light is narrowed in the entrance space with a combination of bur... More

Project • By Dam & Partners ArchitectenConcert Halls

Renovation Nationale Opera

 The the foyer of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, originally designed by architect Cees Dam in 1986, has been renewed. Dam & Partners Architecten is responsible for the design of the new foyer in collaboration with Richard Hutten Studio, who designed the custom furniture. In separate phases, the public toilets were renovated, the storage cellar was transformed into an education center and the public foyer was completely renovated. The aim of the renovations is to offer the program to a wider and more diverse audience. One of the starting points in the design is to facilitate a better reception of visitors and a better connection between the various functions in the building and the wishes and requirements of our time. In or... More

Project • By Eskew+Dumez+RippleBars

Maison de la Luz

Maison de la Luz from Atelier Ace is a new luxury guesthouse designed in collaboration by EskewDumezRipple and interior design firm Studio Shamshiri. The design team worked in tandem to transform the legacy six-story, 55,464-square-foot former City Hall annex into a sophisticated destination. Located in the warehouse district near Lafayette Square, the 1906 building was originally designed by Allison Owen of Diboll and Owen Architects in the Italianate style, typical of turn-of-the-century buildings in New Orleans. The hotel offers 67 guest rooms, a private guest lounge and dining room, plus support spaces. Each guest room is set back from the shared hallway by an interior vestibule.   Inspired by the building’s storied history... More

Project • By Office ZHUOffices

Tayor Factory Renovation

Tayor Factory Renovation: Designed by Office ZHU   Tayor Factory Renovation Project is located in Shanghai, China. The factory used to produce welding machine, but now it is abandoned. Our clients find us and expect to transform it into an office campus. The situation of the existing buildings is relatively complicated: after multiple times construction, the inner courtyard becomes tight and crowded, the structure systems are mixed, and the overall facade has poor quality. Meanwhile the interior spaces have far exceeded the requirements for new programs. How to use these characters, keep the factories industrial atmosphere and fill in the new programs are the main challenges for us. We suggest to remove part blocks, enlarge the inn... More

Project • By Office ZHURural

Chuanzihe Village Renovation

Chuanzihe Village Renovation: Designed by Office ZHU   Chuanzihe Cave Dwellings is located at Shanxi Province, in between two large historic cities: Xi'an & Yan'an. The site used to be a village and now is abandoned. Chuanzihe is surrounded by different tourists attractions, such as Huangdi Mausoleum, Fudi Lake, and National Park. The beautiful landscape and natural resource are the significant characters of the site. These also makes this region as the ideal vacation spot. To reuse the exiting caves in a smart way and renovate it into a hotel are the targets of this project. Besides, to design a cozy suite for the tourists, to create a mood board that fits in the context, are also challenges for us. Due to the limited exi... More

NewsNews • 4 Dec 2020

Archisbang transforms mundane 60s structure into impressive monolith

For environmental reasons Archisbang opted not to tear down the mundane 60s apartment building, but strip it all the way to its skeleton and reshape it as a modern monolith placed on an Italian hillside.  Aldo Amoretti The building skin is upgraded with an external insulation system covered by lightweight cement boards roughly plastered with natural lime mortar. The architects accentuated the openings in a play of voids that puncture the monolithic volume. Aldo Amoretti The building houses three independently accessible apartments. Circulation is done by elevator and interior stairwell. An external metal staircase makes the apartments and rooftop independently accessible. Aldo Amoretti The ground floor includes a gara... More

NewsNews • 26 Nov 2020

Herzog and de Meuron restores the Volkshaus Basel to its original glory

After completing renovations for the Volkshaus brasserie and bar in 2012, Herzog & de Meuron completed renovations on the Volkshaus hotel.  © Robert Rieger The Volkshaus Basel, originally the castle bailiwick, has a rich history dating back to the 14th century. In 1845 a brewery with adjoining restaurant was built, with a concert hall and beer hall added later. The latest renovations in the 70s destroyed the original character and identity of the Volkshaus beyond recognition in the name of technical upgrades. © Robert Rieger In line with the renovations of the brasserie, bar and small events halls back in 2012, Herzog & de Meuron hoped to discover historic layers by peeling back the ‘crust’ app... More