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Project • By STAR strategies + architectureApartments

The Cabanon

The Cabanon is a fully equipped apartment of 6.89 m² including two infrared saunas and a whirlpool bath. It is organized into four spaces, extravagantly different in materials and heights: a 3 m-high living room, a 1.14 m-high bedroom with plenty of storage, a toilet with a rain-shower, and a spa. The spa is the most enclosed space of the Cabanon: the room within a room. The Cabanon is probably the smallest apartment in the world; certainly the smallest with a spa. Ossip Architectuur Fotografie The Cabanon is the conversion of an existing attic used for storage into a living space. It is located on the top floor of a 1950’s residential building in the centre of Rotterdam. Its inside dimensions are H: 3 m, W: 1,97 m, L: 3,6... More

Project • By Didonè Comacchio ArchitectsCommunity Centres


 The intervention plays an important role in favor of the safety of the artistic heritage and in the interest of the services offered to citizens. The project proposal aims to resolve the problems related to the seismic adaptation of the building and its recovery. Alberto Sinigaglia The challenge, in a process of redesigning a pre-existing architectural space, is to recover the memory of the place and harmonize it with the new program. It is proposed to maintain the subdivision and hierarchy of the tripartite spaces according to a classic layout of the Venetian villa typology. The elevator and the stairs between the ground floor and the first floor are preserved entirely and become the pivot around which the vertical circulation... More

Project • By Alex Pettas ArchitectureOffices

CA South Offices

A historic building, once the shipping department for a local food company in Nashville, was restored to house the offices of CA South Development. To extend the building’s life cycle and preserve its character, the existing building was adapted to meet the current needs of a workplace. Paul Vu - Here And Now Agency Paul Vu - Here And Now Agency While much of the building’s structure was preserved, new elements were introduced at the interior to support the company’s collaborative and fast-paced culture. Private offices and break-out spaces with glass partitions featuring dichroic film were added to create moments of transparency and color. Paul Vu - Here And Now Agency Paul Vu - Here And Now Agency More

Project • By Flad ArchitectsUniversities

University of Idaho Huckabay Medical Ed Building

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, the University of Idaho sought to create a permanent home for medical students and faculty. As the first dedicated medical education building on the U of I campus, the Huckabay Medical Education Building establishes a showcase headquarters for the WWAMI program. Bill Timmerman The University of Washington School of Medicine’s WWAMI program is a unique regional partnership among universities in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (WWAMI) with the primary goal of providing access to publicly supported, community-based medical education across this five-state region for medical students in their first two years of medical school. Bill Timmerman Renovated and repurposed... More

Project • By PLANT Architect Inc.Private Houses

Creemore Farm

The Creemore Farm is a frugal renovation and 85m2 extension to a turn of the century farmhouse north of Toronto, overlooking rolling hills and expansive views. The addition reorients the whole house toward the view, presenting tall panoramic corner windows in the sitting area at the ground floor, and the master bedroom at the second floor, both framing the vista to the Southeast. The project proposes a total reconsideration of the house orientation, proportion and form within a tiny and efficient floor plate to create a lofty, light space that uses its relationship to the landscape to make it feel larger than it is. Peter Legris Photography The new floor plate was founded on, and overhangs the foundation of the previous addition freei... More

Project • By pejman tayebiHospitals

mehr clincal lab

When we were approached for the interior design of the lobby of the medical laboratory, we were restricted so that we could not make fundamental changes in the placement of the spaces. The space consisted of a relatively long entrance corridor, a blood sampling space that was separated from the lobby by a partition, and a secretary's desk, and all these spaces must have remained in the same place as they were. pejman tayebi pejman tayebi pejman tayebi pejman tayebi Since the client wanted to start the renovation process without any downtime in the project, it was possible to execute it only on holidays. And this doubled the design challenge: we had to think about the construction process while designing In addition, we... More

Project • By LupettatelierApartments


The apartment is located within a historical context of great value: Villa Plinianina was built in 1855 by the engineer Canzio Canzi. The villa is placed in the lake panorama of Como as one of the most celebrated examples of eclectic architecture in Venetian neo-Gothic style. Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato The flat is the holiday home of a young and dynamic couple who have identified Torno as their place. They love boating and enjoying the quiet of this little paradise which is perched on the shore of the lake and directly accessible by boat. Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato Beppe Brancato The projec... More

Project • By Alumil S.AHotels

ON Residence

A restaurant that is a landmark in the modern history of Thessaloniki, a renovation that gives a new life to the construction, and a brand new hotel overlooking the Thermaikos Gulf. These are the key ingredients of the revival of the historic Olympos Naoussa, a former Thessaloniki point of reference that aspires to attract the city's attention again. Caption Caption Caption Caption A key parameter in this new chapter is respect for the building's history and its connection to the present. According to the people of Divercity Architects, the architectural firm that undertook the design of the project, “the proposal attempts to restore and revive the original aura of Olympos Naoussa, from its establishment during th... More

Project • By UrbanusSocial Housing

Nantou Hybrid Building

Nantou, where a hidden millennia-old town and a vibrant urban village collide and integrate, has been simultaneously written in the grand national narrative of Shenzhen Hong Kong’s relationship while living the trivial daily life for over 20 years. In early 2016, URBANUS was invited to conduct a comprehensive spatial study of Nantou Old Town, a quintessential example of Shenzhen's urban and cultural heritage spanning various historical periods. Through historical documents and field research URBANUS developed a regeneration strategy focused on rejuvenating Nantou through incremental revitalization that impacts larger clusters with micro-scale interventions, as well as organizing cultural events. In 2017, URBANUS served as the curatori... More

Project • By dongqi DesignShops

lost in echo

dongqi Design has transformed the first floor of an old building on Anfu Road in Shanghai into a flexible and dynamic space for the brand “lost in echo.” Victor Marvillet Victor Marvillet Stemming from the intention to diminish the presence of the existing columns, the design introduces multiple rotatable mechanical triangular prism structure to freely enclose or define the space.  Victor Marvillet Victor Marvillet Victor Marvillet With careful consideration on proportion and functionality, the triangular prism has been divided into three parts vertically, with the middle section at eye levels that extends into arms of different length. From the top view, each arm can be rotated to any angle, offe... More

Project • By LupettatelierApartments


A bourgeois apartment inside a rationalist building in Milan's Piazza Sant'Ambrogio that dialogues with different eras. Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman The primary intention of the project was to distinguish the living area from the sleeping area, which appear both chromatically and formally different from each other. Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman The atmosphere that pervades the living area is metaphysical, the round arches and flat backgrounds evoking timeless landscapes. Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman At the entrance, it is the brick color that pervades the back wall, which opens instead on... More

Project • By scapelabSkateparks


1. Previous state The site was a dead-end of space on the lower level of the Fabiani Bridge in Ljubljana. The bridge runs on two levels, with a four-lane motorway on the upper level, and a pedestrian bridge on the lower level. The structural characteristics of the bridge formed a pocket of unused, untraversed space under the bridge. Soon after the opening of the bridge, this space became a gathering spot for illegal drug use, homeless sleeping (despite a homeless shelter operating less than 100m away), and crime. Caption Miran Kambič The bridge was built in a gap formed by a partial demolition of the complex of the former sugar factory, called Cukrarna. This partial demolition of the factory complex was urbanistically necessary... More

Project • By EvenbeeldPrivate Houses


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners purchased this former multi-family dwelling without ever setting a foot inside. A dilapidated structure, yet with a charming facade; envisioning a complete renovation meant the building could be tailored entirely to their preferences. Evenbeeld Evenbeeld Location was also a non-issue: a southeast-facing urban garden with a view of a church, a walking park, and two beautiful old beech trees meant no concerns about rear neighbors. Evenbeeld Evenbeeld The two outdated apartments were transformed into a single-family home, crowned with an additional floor during the renovation. This not only harmonized with the streetscape but also provided the opportunity to opt... More

Project • By entre escalasPrivate Houses

Casa Vila Mariana, Renovation and Expansion

Located in Vila Mariana, São Paulo, the townhouse had already undergone some recent transformations. In addition to the joining of two semi-detached houses to fulfill a home-studio program for a young artist, the previous renovation included structural reinforcements and improvements to the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. Pedro Kok Pedro Kok The studio is no longer in the house, and the new architectural project proposes a better integration of the house's internal environments, restructuring and proposing new structural reinforcements for new openings and also creating new relationships between the interior and exterior of the house, as well as allowing for better natural lighting and ventilation. Pedro Kok P... More


M House

M house is a transformation of a duplex into a single-family residence. The new owners, a couple with 3 childrens, have chosen to live in an urban, comfortable and friendly living environment. Maxime Brouillet Maxime Brouillet Maxime Brouillet Maxime Brouillet By observing the tumult of everyday life as well as the incessant back and forth driven by the energy of young children, the conceptual work of the project focused on the notion of threshold/limit. By using spatial difference and finishing materials, the project emphasizes the relationship between the opening/closing of spaces, the transition between interior/exterior, between one space and another, between the family/ personal, between the neighborhood/ family un... More