Casa Mirasierra

Casa Mirasierra

Angela Juarranz & Javier de Andrés
Mirasierra, Madrid, Spain
Project Year
Private Houses
Miguel Fernández-Galiano

Casa Mirasierra

Angela Juarranz & Javier de Andrés as Architects

Now a days, life demands a really flexible architecture beyond the strictly functional one. The archetypal being of the house is to become the stage for each act of the daily life of its inhabitants: from the ordinary to the extraordinary ones. Casa Mirasierra is an essential house, where server elements are reduced in order to maximize free served spaces, with cross ventilation and natural lighting, looking for a real adaptability of its use overall time.


This idea is translated to the exterior into a clear volume open to north and south, so that the distant view of the Madrid Mountain Range is always the background of the house.

The design gives a special attention to energy saving and sustainability criteria. On one hand, passive strategies, such as an excellent form factor (Surface/Volume=0.37), thermal insulation, the good orientation, lighting and cross-ventilation of all rooms or a flexible sun screens system reduce the energy demand.


On the other hand, active strategies based on the use of geothermal energy for hot water and the floor heating system, combined with the use of an enthalpy recovering air vent for the mechanical ventilation, get reduce the energy consumption of the building as much as possible.

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