CentreScolaire de Riddes

CentreScolaire de Riddes

Primary Schools
Riddes, Valais, Suisse - Build completed in 2017
Michel Bonvin

Ecole de Riddes

R2A ARCHITECTES as Architects

This primary school is the first project of our young architecture office.

The square. Built as a very compact structure, the new primary school inserts itself into the village. Regarding its scale and position the building conveniently interacts with the existing school and the smaller village housing. The project offers a whole new public space that provides a renewed articulation between the school center and the village. Taking advantage of the two different levels between the schoolyard and the village square, the underground lobby connects the old school to the new one.

The cross. The 4 heavy concrete walls are contrasting with the lightweight of the metal envelope. Every part of the program, including circulations and services are taking benefit of the natural light. The classrooms are always set in a corner. This position offers a wide variety of views and relationships with the context. The continuous and linear facades are expressing the radiant composition of the building.

The hard shell. Contrasting with the glass panels, the galvanized sheets express strength and durability. This material has been chosen for its capacity to evolve according to the weather conditions, characteristics of the daylight, or the ageing of the facade. The brutalist nature of the material responds to the violence of the alpine landscape of the “Rhône Valley”.

Project team
Arnhem Rozet
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Arnhem Rozet

Libraries, Art Galleries and Cultural Centres
Arnhem, Netherlands - Build completed in 2013
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