Centro Guida Sicura Headquarters

Centro Guida Sicura Headquarters

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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Electrical, mechanical and special systemsAgie S.r.l.
Car parking liftIdeal park S.r.l.
Windows and curtain wallsPolito serramenti S.p.a.
Ceramic and stone floorsRi.Pa. S.p.a.
Elevators Schindler Elevator
Wood and wood-cls structuresWood Beton S.p.A.

Product Spec Sheet
Electrical, mechanical and special systems
Car parking lift
Windows and curtain walls
Ceramic and stone floors
Wood and wood-cls structures

Centro Guida Sicura Headquarters

AMDL CIRCLE as Architects

Inside the original Alfa Romeo industrial complex there was a test track for cars that was abandoned in 2002 following the closure of the company. With the redevelopment of the Arese area, the old track has also been restored and converted into a 1,600-meter circuit, used to present cars and organize safe driving courses. As part of the new program the aMDL studio, under the guidance of Michele De Lucchi, designed the management and training centre of the track. The multi-purpose complex is made up of two buildings with an irregular plan and a rounded plan form. The shape evokes that of the river pebbles and the centre has been called "Sassi".

Both buildings are on three levels. The smallest, located to the north, is dedicated to the ‘Centro Guida Sicura’ and houses the headquarters and offices of ACI Vallelunga on the ground floor, while on the first floor there are four classrooms with mobile division walls. The other larger building has a museum and exhibition area: two levels are open spaces dedicated to the holding of exhibitions and events related to the world of cars. On the third level of both buildings there are panoramic terraces used for events and can be reached by a freight elevator suitable for large-sized cars.

The two blocks are constructed from a central prefabricated reinforced concrete core and a laminated wood perimeter façade structure. This structure continues above the lower levels with wooden arches that form a portico surrounding the panoramic terraces. A continuous glass and aluminium façade closes the ground floor levels.

The upper portion, on the other hand, is characterized by an iconic design that alternates transparent double glazed window frames and opaque aluminium panels. This chequered patterned ‘skin’ is reminiscent of the ‘racing flags’ that are waved during car races to signal the end of competitions, but it is a solid and stable ‘flag’ because it also wants to promote the idea of road safety and not only represent the idea of speed. This façade system rises up to the roof where it becomes a parapet for the terrace.

The two buildings, arranged as a fan around a square of about 2,000 square meters, are connected by a first floor level bridge. On the ground floor, the decks create a corridor that marks the passage between the car track and the square. Paved in Luserna stone, the square is destined to host events, exhibitions and welcome visitors; to the north-east it overlooks the ‘Cento’ redevelopment and re-landscaped Lura river.


Material Used:
Wood and wood-cls structures: Wood Beton S.p.A.
Building works: Cantieri edili Bergamelli S.r.l.; E.T.Cam S.r.l.
Electrical, mechanical and special systems: Agie S.r.l.
Windows and curtain walls: Polito serramenti S.p.a.
Ceramic and stone floors: Ri.Pa. S.p.a.
Roofing, tinwork and photovoltaic system: At S.r.l.
Foundation piles: Visconti deep foundations
Insulation and waterproofing: Icofon di Gabrieli Giuseppe S.r.l.
Elevators: Schindler S.p.a.
Car parking lift: Ideal park S.r.l.
Maneuverable walls: Oddicini industrie S.p.a.
Blacksmith works: Effe 2 s.n.c. Di Felloni & c.
Runway and infrastructures realization
Main contractor: Suardi S.p.a.
Technologies for safe driving modules: Aci Vallelunga S.p.a.; Oleodinamica di Vincenti Mirko
Electrical and special systems: Agie S.r.l.
Driveway and cycle-pedestrian bridges: Omba impianti & engineering S.p.a.
Road barriers: Oberti G. S.r.l.Green works: Rappo S.r.l.; Green project di Ronchis Corrado

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