Chaos and framing

Chaos and framing

Office of feeling architecture
Alameda de São Dâmaso, Guimarães, Portugal
Project Year
Renato Gonçalves

Chaos and framing

Office of feeling architecture as Architects

The Chaos and the Framing addresses a problematic in the Historic city, on one hand brings the need to project in the future in the impact and memorable, on the other the memory of the past has to be preserved framing in itself the most evolved expression of a culture.

The Project immediately assault us, in which way the intervention would be a point of abstraction articulated harmoniously but expressively with the existing environment.

Alameda Concept Store aims to be a commercial space with an evolved Philosophy of street commerce, and being located in Alameda de São Dâmaso avenue, a central point of the city ar-ticulation and of focal commercial activity, it was immediately understood that the space would have to relate to the outside in a very intuitive and expressive way. 

Realising that we set out for an imagery capable of strongly accept this concept by creating a path sustained in a "vortex point" where the spatial and visual distribution suggested to the visitor an irrefutable appeal of experience where in a compulsory way they would be exposed to the mar-keted product and drawn space.

The centrality was sought by breaking the scale longitudinally, allowing the opening of the entrance midpoint of the gallery directing the space in two opposite wings with each path requiring a return in order to accentuate the commercial character, on a duplicated reading of the exposed product.

This concept culminates, spatially and visually at an imaginary point, central tri-dimensionally, that generates all movements, assuming itself as the cradle/vortex from which each line is generated granting a fluid and continuous movement on all the spatial dimensions from the floor plane pass-ing through the plane of ceiling and walls. This as built all the path and exposition areas, making the Alameda Concept Store a space where form and function are articulated in a concordant and harmonious rhetoric.


Material Used :
1. Medium-Density Fiberboard
2. Elekta Linea Resine
3. oakwood carpentry

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Product Spec Sheet

Linea ResineElekta
Product Spec Sheet
Linea Resine
by Elekta
Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa)
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