Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box

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Indiphos_ Song Gi-myoun


YOON- SPACE as Interior

The people who first the chocolate box may think it as a showroom or gallery, but the chocolate box is a work created for the studio of a writer Jeong Gil-Young. The studio exressed the writer's and Yoon Space's individuality through emptiness is part and the use of bold colors in part to make his work look better according to nature of the studio. It's space was also made with special materials. You can probably tell that the floor is an ordinary urethane floor and the wall was made from common wood vereer and bricks. Those materials are very common. not entertaining in style or with nothing special Such corditions were given to us. In these conditions. the space to give a special sense was made by using the bold :olors on the floor and giving variety to the bricklaying method. The commonly used and ordinary materials were applied to the unfamiliar appearances and shapes for creating the challenging and differentiated space. Many people think the lighting is also very unique. but it is made of the ordinary fluorescent lamps. The familiar and customary ways were just changed. Consequently. every effort has been made to express the unfamiliar appearances with these familiar material properties. I wanted to make new paradigm and sense through 'defamilanzation' of our familiar things. But that does not mean what I have done is great. At the moment when giving variety to the height and arrangement even of the ordinary fluorescent lamps. it creates new design. With the concept of twist' only. it breaks stereotypes and seems to be special. Coloring on the floor is in the same vein. Everything is sometimes very ordinary and sometimes very special.

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