Color Your World

Color Your World

Daniel Clavijo

Color Your World

Daniel Clavijo as Architects

EURAMAX. What is the purpose of this great company? Colour Your World! The innovative products call for engaging uses and designers to add color and vibrancy to life to buildings. With this in mind, the following proposal for the company’s factory wall is offered with three key points emphasized.

Using the AluDesign panels, an image of a brick wall will be portrayed with the colors of the flag of the Netherlands appearing to be spray-painted as a work of street art. In addition, various silhouettes of people, plants, and animals will be added in different colors to demonstrate the wide array of diversity along with the varied uses of this EURAMAX product. The logo and slogan of the company are also added to clearly identify and promote the factory.

There is the emphasis on the material with relation to building traditions of past and present. The brick work is somewhat of an illusion compared to the original steel façade of the factory. The fact that it is not really brick, but rather its image on the Aluminum Composite Panels produced by EURAMAX will only serve to highlight the intrigue to the wall and draw the attention of the passerby.

There is the emphasis on the community. When the project is realized, the silhouettes of workers, their families, and locals of Roermond would even be suggested to represent them and their dedication to the industry as well as pride to the nation of the Netherlands. The images will suggest a constant population and interesting backdrop for real people passing by and interacting with these painted people.

Finally, there is the emphasis of EURAMAX and the AluDesign panels. A wide array of colors and images can be provided, and the entire wall serves as a message of what the company stands for. It is a place that does not forget its identity. It is a place that cares for its workers and community. It is a place that provides only the best quality material for all imaginations.

This façade proposal encourages everyone to go Colour Your World! -Daniel Clavijo

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