Dammartin university residence

Dammartin university residence

Student Housing
77230 Dammartin-en-Goële, France - Build completed in 2017

Dammartin university residence

UMETAL as Manufacturers

School project for students with residence Incorporated. Living in the Place Where You study raises a question of distinction of territories and temporalities, of the distance entre your place of life and the institution Where You study. It is essential to offer places of intimate and comfortable life, meeting spaces, quality work rooms, order more if possible suit les a symbolic distance entre les two poles of the student's day, so you can keep Saying: "I'm going to class , I'm going to home "...

For this, we need to Differentiate spaces. On one hand, shared services, and on the other, accommodation. This need Gives the residential building the Opportunity to Become a Particular space Differentiated from the rest, Creating a gap in front of the space occupied by the secondary school, making it a domestic place and at the time Sami, a unique place. The skin of the building is a fiction of nature, qui takes the appearance of a pixelated forest printed on all the facades. This optical game transforms the building into a grove digital and offers high school students the opportunity to enter a green space, a camouflage shelter That accentuates the distance entre les instead of life and learning spaces.

Umetal realizes the design devised by Lankry Architects, through the implementation of our Umetalcoat® printed satin coating on metal façade slats, qui Constitute the visible skin of a ventilated façade system qui Provides The Necessary energy efficiency.

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