Danceway dance academy

Danceway dance academy

NAN Arquitectos
Calle de Jorge Juan, 90, Madrid, Spain
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Iván Casal Nieto

Danceway dance academy

NAN Arquitectos as Architects

In Madrid, within the Salamanca district, this comprehensive local reform has been carried out. The promoter demanded the adaptation of a gym to, through a reform that evidenced the virtues of the premises, offer a space in which the students of the school felt like professionals. Taking advantage of the configuration of the premises and taking into account that a large part of the budget would be allocated to the installation of specific pavements for the various activities, of the same quality as those used by the national dance company, a design was chosen where color prevails and lighting.


Through the use of glass, transparency between classrooms is achieved that allows them to be visually connected, increasing the teaching possibilities. This continuity is reinforced thanks to the use of lighting by means of LED profiles while achieving visual focus on the sides and floors of the rooms. Despite having a content budget, the store impacts from the beginning, largely due to the correct use of color. Hallways have been differentiated using different shades highlighting the entrance to the classrooms through the same procedure.


The situation in the main classroom also allows parents to wait for their children watching them while they learn. This has been a requirement demanded by the promoter who wished to make the whole family participate in the school.


Furniture and signage elements of the premises were also designed. For furniture, clean line designs were chosen using wood and its derivatives. For the signage, typographies and geometric designs were taken care of.


The integral reform of this place includes the areas of study work: architectural design, legalization, construction and lighting, furniture and graphic design.

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