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Mayte Piera


Cristina Moya Arquitecta as Architects

The challenge of this project was dealing with the geometry of the given space. A rectangle out of proportion, too long and narrow, a dead-end tunnel. The project aims to break the space along its depth, creating different atmospheres. In this way we tried that the space looked divided, avoiding its sense of depth. 


On the other hand, the starting point of the project was that the restaurant´s theme was going to be reinvented grilled cuisine. A traditional type of cooking that tries to become modern.


This premises lead us to the main concept of the project, to look for traditional materials related to the grill to create the different spaces. Inspired by our traditions and our old constructions, we thought of old barbecues which were made with ceramic bricks resistant to high temperatures. These bricks, colour red terracotta also remind us to the fire of the grill. The idea was to reinvent this traditional material, playing with different brick types and putting them in a different way. We decided to put them standing up, to show the inner geometry and its width. In this way the bricks will create textures and depth to the surfaces.


Another element related to the grill is the charcoal, which is brought to life in the project by a darkened wood surface. These two materials are combined to create the different spaces inside the restaurant. Our aim was to generate a more illuminated and colourful space by the entrance, were we all was covered with brick. While introducing deeper in the restaurant, the space gets darkened with the black wood to become a more intimate space. By darkening the inner part we also tried to create the effect of losing the end of the space.


Both materials overlap in a point half way through, which works as joint, joining together both atmospheres. We wanted to create a point of light which would be the centre of stage. Here the bar is covered with white tiles in contrast with the red and black surfaces aside. Over the bar we put a floating shelf covered with traditional geometric and hollow ceramic tiles combing red, black and white colours. Over the kitchen window at the back of the restaurant, we placed the same floating shelf to remind of the central part of the restaurant.


To finish off the project, and give it all a sense of freshness and life, we hang some racks of the ceiling with plants and the lighting elements which work as huge lamps. These are placed along all the restaurant unifying the different spaces.


Material Used:

1. VIVES CERAMICA – Ceramic Tiles

2. DADRA - Chairs


4. HOSPER – Kitchen Facilities


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