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Doma Living House

Doma Living House

FCD Architects & Associates
Chikusei City, Ibaraki, Japan | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Mitsuhiro Kameya

Doma Living House

FCD Architects & Associates as Architects

This home is suitable for a couple with 2 small children and it is located in a quiet residential neighbourhood near Chikusei city centre, Ibaraki prefecture where historical buildings line the streets. 

We used modern Japanese designs such as deep eaves and soothing colour schemes that blend into the cityscape and local life creating a house that will be loved and lived in for a long time for generations to come. 

The fenceless border allows neighbours to enter the garden freely, and the communal meeting venues and roads are located in the adjacent vicinity.

By opening the door, the large doma, (a space that makes the indoors blend into the outdoors), can be used as an integral part of the garden,making the boundary between the inside and outside obscure like a veranda, producing a place of open interaction that invites people in. The kitchen overlooks the doma, and you can enjoy cooking while watching your children playing in the gardenas if you were in a theatre.

The doors inside the house are designed to be fully open at all times, creating an open family-friendly space. This functionality provides the flexibility to modify the space in the house as the family grows.

In Japan, the nuclear family is most common. The open plan living space is designed with these families in mind and enables them to spend as much time as possible together under the same roof, right up until the children grow up, therefore making the most of this short and precious time, while establishing a healthy relationship with the community.


Material Used :
1. AICA - Black outer wall - JOLYPATE
2. Western red cedarCoating - XYLADECOR
3. YKKAP - External window - aluminum
4. Roof - Galvalume Steel Sheet
3. DOMA floor - Concrete 
4. Living floor - Oak Beeswax
5. Bedroom floor - Cedar Beeswax
6. Interior wall - Plaster
7. Interior ceiling - vinyl cloth 
8. TOTO - unit bus, toilet, Kitchen equipment
9. Kitchen Woodworking - Cherry Beeswax
10. Staircase - Cherry Beeswax Steel handrail

Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

External window - aluminumYKK AP America Inc.
Unit bus, toilet, Kitchen equipmentTOTO
Black outer wall - JOLYPATEAICA
Concrete Doma GmbH
Product Spec Sheet
External window - aluminum
Unit bus, toilet, Kitchen equipment
Black outer wall - JOLYPATE
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