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Project • By Andrew Child ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Tree House

The owners wanted to upgrade an internally awkward and dark middle suburban Californian Bungalow into a light, modern 3 bedroom + study residence.There was a small group of huge trees in the backyard that the owners loved, so they became integral to the design of the new addition. The rear extension has substantial north facing windows that utilise these existing trees for shading from the summer sun. An angled eave overhang is provided for these windows where there are no trees to offer shading.   The extension was conceived as a single volume of efficient construction. It has a simple flat roof with interconnected spaces differentiated by changes in floor level that follow the sloping site. The rear decks also terrace downward towa... More

Project • By N.A.OPrivate Houses


This house had two challenges.The first is "budget" and the second is "sense of distance".   From the viewpoint of budget, area restriction was applied at the initial design stage. In order to give the house a little narrower space, it has a structure like a two-story studio with seven floor levels randomly skipped. In addition, by not attaching the ceiling, the design was made so that the footsteps could easily be heard. The space constructed in this way is also the setting for various "fields" that maintain a certain sense of distance.   Material Used :1. Outer wall / Red cedar bevel siding2. Window / Aluminum window3. Floor・interior wall・ceiling / Larch plywood4. Kitchen / Taniko More

Project • By Source ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Sampson House

On a compact suburb site in central Orange NSW, this extension to a 1920’s Bungalow provides new north facing living spaces and a master retreat with a Japanese Style Bathhouse opening onto a fine scale landscaped courtyard.   The owners were downsizing from a property just outside of town. They were keen for a warm house with a direct relationship with a low maintenance landscape courtyard. A special request was for a Japanese Style Bath which had a big influence on the materiality and design of the house and garden.   From a conceptual planning standpoint, the house was laid out with careful regard to light and privacy.  The site was a long and skinny block which dictated a linear planning diagram to maximize nort... More

Project • By Herbst ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Papamoa Beach House

The site is one of a row of sites with beach access lining Papamoa beach. An opportunity presented itself; how to cleverly stitch the rear street arrival to the front of the site.   First principles resulted in all of the primary public spaces, living, dining & kitchen, being positioned at the front of the site.We then used the street end of the house to form a gateway which provides cover and leads the visitor in with an angled wall and soffit.The gateway monocles the view to a glazed front door and the sea beyond.   The journey between gateway and front door is lusciously landscaped along the boundary and opposingly lined with a soft batten screen which lanterns at night.The front door connects directly into the living a... More

Project • By Rise ProjectsPrivate Houses

Fire Island 2

This project is in a beach community and emanates a casual, summer style. Rise capitalized on the central double height space as part of the expansion and complete reconfiguration of this home. The dramatic ceiling connects the new den on the second floor to the living areas below. The exterior elevations and window layouts were completely re- thought. The internal house circulation was re-oriented around the central gathering space to make it both more efficient and more attractive.  An additional entry to the house was added with a mud room. Finishes and fixtures were replaced and renewed.   Material Used :1. Windows - Anderson, 200 series2. Cladding - Red Cedar plank3. AC - Mitsubishi split systems4. Floors - solid oak 2-1/4&... More

Project • By DIGBAR interiors & architecturePrivate Houses

Legal House

The Legal House (aka Keeshen House) is a 2,900 square foot home designed and built for a family with 2 young children, in the location of their existing house on a quiet street in a friendly hilltop neighborhood. Many homes here are being expanded so residents can remain in the city as they raise families in the highly valuable and densifying Westside of Los Angeles. Much of the design process was spent navigating through and adjusting to the currently changing zoning codes, which dictate the size and shape of expanding single-family residential construction. As the owners are both Attorneys and were fascinated by this part of the process, the project has been nicknamed “The Legal House”.   The Architecture is organized a... More

Project • By Ruhl Studio ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Gap Cove House

In this age of rising sea levels and palatial homes overrunning coastal towns while dominating their fragile ecosystems, this more thoughtful house stands out. The modestly-sized house was designed in close collaboration with the local Conservation Commission, exceeds recently updated FEMA regulations, and was designed to produce as much electricity as it uses over the course of a year. Its overtly modern design is more about responding to its rugged site and to its inhabitants’ needs and dreams rather than a statement about style.     Who: an architect and his therapist wife, 2 adult daughters, 1 son-in-law, and multiple foster and adopted grandchildren   What: one large open living space facing the ocean and... More

Project • By M1DTWRestaurants

Water Street Coffee Drive-Thru

Water Street Coffee Drive-Thru is located just north of I-94 in Kalamazoo, MI. This drive-thru only building is designed to enhance the relationship between architecture and automobile by conveying moments of the cafe experience to patrons that never leave their cars. The building's predominately rectangular form is modified by an emergent curved wall which is extended past the south facade to increase the building’s presence from the south and shield the various services near the staff entryway. The curved wall mimics the movement of cars on the site and introduce an element of surprise by shifting the perception of the building's size, form, and proportions as one drives around.  A large corner window, situated in a field of... More

Project • By Mark English architectsPrivate Houses

Tōrō House

The project is a complete re-build and addition to an existing single-family hillside home. Situated on a hillside marking the interface between a redwood forest grove on the east, and a surrounding deciduous grove and meadow, the original mid-century home was laid out in an "L" plan, around a central terrace facing a monumental lone redwood tree. With 50-foot setbacks on all property line sides, the existing home footprint extended into several of the setbacks presenting the challenge of leaving the only new buildable area as a narrow triangular shape bisected by an unbuildable steep slope.   The design solution involved a parti which retained the original "L" shaped footprint and added a new higher volume addition containing the di... More

Project • By WOVEN Architecture and DesignPrivate Houses

Quarry Drive House

Quarry Drive House was commissioned by clients seeking a mid-century modern aesthetic to house their collection of mid-century modern furniture. The home is tucked into a hill surrounded by a collection of arbutus trees and projects out from sloping grade toward ocean views at the front. As one approaches from the driveway at the rear, the house reveals itself. Sama Jim Canzian Sama Jim Canzian Once inside, a great room with a raised ceiling opens out toward views of Vancouver Island to the south with decks surrounding the entire front of the house. Large overhangs and floor to ceiling glass provide cover from the rain and maximize on natural light. Sama Jim Canzian   Sama Jim Canzian Material Used: 1. Cladding:... More

Project • By MCK ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Black House

An ever growing young family led to an evolving design in this project in Sydney’s east. An alteration and addition to an existing detached victorian house, our insertion at the rear aimed to bring much needed northern light into the new rear living spaces. This was achieved through a series of voids and clerestory windows, which add vertical dimension and a dialogue between private and public space. Again, this house builds upon the narritive of contrast in old and new – in materials, form and space.   Material Used :1. Custom Orb – Metal Roofing – Colorbond Lysaught2. Klip-Lok – Metal Roofing – Colorbond Lysaught3. Western Red Cedar Shingles, Porter’s Palm Beach Black – Facade Claddin... More

Project • By Skylab ArchitectureOffices


Outpost is a phased, hybrid structure merging recreation, retail and work environments to foster and reinforce a sense of community in a developing section of Hood River. As part of the city’s new Waterfront Masterplan, Outpost will eventually become a 60,000-square-foot development—a neighborhood of buildings that will functionally connect the city with the Columbia River waterfront. The site, formerly home to an industrial wastewater treatment and processing facility, largely underutilized the waterfront but will now become a new paradigm for future development in the region.   Phase One is composed of two buildings, that together, result in a 30,000-square-foot complex that reimagines traditional mixes of spaces and ho... More

Project • By MOTIV architects inc.Car Parks

Eton Accessory Building

The Eton Accessory building sits amongst a gnarly row of alley structures of varying vintages; old stucco garages, laneway homes and garden sheds. It stands out and invites curiosity from the neighbourhood – what is it used for? What is it made of? Jean-Philippe Delage This 100% wood structure is a testament that no project is too small for prefabrication, its design born out of a strong desire to work with cross laminated timber – to better understand its properties as well as the efficiencies of its assembly on a project of a very small scale. Designed as a kit of parts, the structure is entirely made of 3 ply CLT with large cedar framed openings at both ends. Skylights and windows are strategically cut in to allow dayli... More

Project • By David Boyle ArchitectPrivate Houses

Freshwater Semi

This alterations and additions to a semi-detached house aim to maximise natural light and aspect into a narrow, 3.6m wide, south facing semi. The front rooms and roof line of the existing building is retained and a new 2 storey extension is constructed at the rear. Living areas are located on the ground level and a kick back stair provides access to 2 new bedrooms and a new bathroom/ensuite accessed via a timber bridge overlooking the void to the kitchen below. Circulation has been minimised so that living and bedrooms spaces can take full advantage of the available 3.6m width.   The roof line has been simply extended up to Council’s allowable building envelope to allow for a 14.5 meter long north facing set of louvre windows s... More

Project • By Fox johnston architectsNurseries

Waranara Early Learning Centre

Located in the ever-evolving Green Square precinct, the Waranara Early Learning Centre provides much needed day care for young residents in the local community. The project involves the adaptive reuse of a heritage-listed outpatients building into a 74 place Early learning space. A complex brief as well as a sensitive client has resulted in a challenging project. Careful attention has been placed on the overall useability of the Centre resulting in a cohesive and robust design bridging old and new. The integrity of the existing building has been retained - breathing new life into the structure – and a contemporary wing housing the entry, playspace and wraparound verandah has been grafted onto the original shell.   This permeabl... More